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NGOs have made more than 35 translation requests in February

If you represent a translators association contact Translators without Borders and volunteer to helpSo far Translators without Borders (TWB) have received 36 translation requests this month and these applications have been posted in February by 15 humanitarian NGOs.

If you're a translator, own a translation company or represent a translators association and want to help stay tuned to TWB website and check out their needs once in a while.

In February, their work orders covered 77 files in 13 different language pairs and represented a total of 115.758 words. The NGO making more requests in February so far has been the Spanish Acción contra el Hambre, followed by Médecins Sans Frontières, from Switzerland.

The work of Translators without Borders is of crucial importance for the success of humanitarian projects. Most people helping out in third world countries are foreign and the information these people as well as local authorities make available is much more effective if it is in the local language.

This is particularly important in healthcare projects. In many areas in the world people do not only die from diseases, but also from the fact that they do not have basic information about how to stay healthy and what to do to prevent disease.

Take Solthis as an example. It is a humanitarian NGO whose primary goal is to increase the access to antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries. Translators without Borders help them with a translation from French to English. The NGO reported back saying that the translators worked fast and efficiently allowing them to complete an urgent task.

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