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Promoting the fundamental principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms

Translators Associations Global: EULITAThe European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association (EULITA) was founded in Belgium, on 26 November 2009. The conference in Antwerp that gave birth to this international not-for-profit translators association was attended by 300 participants from some 30 countries.

Its main objectives are to promote, in the interest of justice, the fundamental principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined and to advance the quality of legal translation and legal interpreting in both spoken and sign language in all member states of the European Union.

That being said, EULITA has then more specific goals. This translation association aims to support the interests and concerns of the national associations of legal interpreters and translators and to represent the interests and concerns of these associations vis-à-vis European and international organizations and institutions.

EULITA also tries to promote the establishment of professional associations of legal interpreters and translators where as yet they do not exist in the EU and stimulates appropriate training and research in legal interpreting and translation.

Promoting the provision of services in legal interpreting and translation, enabling mutual recognition of qualifications and practice among the EU member states and strict adherence to a professional code of ethics and guidelines of good practice in legal interpreting and translation are other goals in the wish list of this translators association.

EULITA also promote professionalism and the recognition of the professional status of qualified legal interpreters and translators, which means encouraging the establishment of national and eventually EU-wide register; cooperation and the exchange of best practices among EU member states and the exchange of information, cooperation and best practices in working arrangements with the legal services and other legal professionals.

To pursue these objectives and goals, EULITA uses its a website, providing information, has a forum for the exchange of best practices, a listserv for members and electronic publications and also organizes international events.

Benefits of becoming a member

By becoming a member of this translation association – both individuals and associations can apply to membership –, you'll enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Once you have been admitted as full or associate member and paid your membership fee, you'll be able to present yourself on the EULITA website (members are entitled to one page) and provide a link to your own website, in case you have one.

You can post information about your events and news on the EULITA website, publish articles and LIT materials in your own language (with a short summary in English or French), enjoy access to all information and articles published by other members, also in other languages, and preferred status as a partner of EULITA whenever EULITA submits applications for LIT projects.

You also be able to attend EULITA events at EULITA member rates and log in to the intranet (member forum) of this translators association to exchange ideas, obtain information, discuss current professional issues or receive material restricted to members.

EULITA's application fee is 30 EUR for full members and 15 EUR for associate members. Go to EULITA's website and check out the all procedure to become a member. On the same website you can read the latest news of the sector and know more about European projects.

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