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Translators Associations Global: IAMTThe International Association for Machine Translation is a non-profit translators association, operating under the laws of the District of Columbia, United States od America. IAMT is divided into three regional translation associations: the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT), the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) and the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT).

This international translators association has defined its purposes as being exclusively non-profit, scientific and educational. IAMT intends to bring together users, developers, researchers, sponsors and other individuals, institutions, translation companies and other corporate entities which share an interest in machine translation. The international translation association wants to study, evaluate and understand the science of MT at the same time as it educates the general public in all concerning important scientific techniques and principles that rule machine translation.

In order to accomplish these goals, this translation association implies several methods, mainly through the organisation of activities, but also through the general dissemination of information. IAMT shares the knowledge on the science and technology of machine translation through the collection, compilation and exchange of expertise.

IAMT sponsors and provides support to many workshops, symposia and conferences on machine translation and all technologies and applications that relate to it. The organisation also develops appropriate educational materials and programmes for the development of the profession of translator in all concerning machine translation.

The international translators association facilitates the access to machine-readable corpora by researchers and it also cooperates in the exchange of formats and text-encoding conventions. In addition, the IAMT wishes to discuss and establish “reference criteria for the evaluation of machine translation technology”.


IAMT membership is open to any person (individual or legal entity) who is interested in the purposes of the translation association. In most of the cases, members belong to one of the three regional translators associations corresponding to their regional divisions. Membership in a regional association automatically confers membership in IAMT.

Every issue concerning membership is decided by the regional divisions through their duly constituted associations. They contribute with ten percent of their total membership dues to support the regular operations of IAMT. All members of the translators association are entitled to participate in the educational functions of IAMT and to receive educational materials distributed by the international organisation.

MT News International

The international translation association is responsible for the publishing of this regular newsletter. MT News International is distributed, free of charge, to all members of the organisation. Otherwise, it can be subscribed by non-members.

The editorial board of MT News International is composed of an Editor-in-Chief, one editor from each of the three regional translators associations, a Vice-President for Information and the President ex-officio.

The IAMT Award of Honour

The council of IAMT confers an award on each edition of its biennial "MT Summit" conference. It is aimed at the individual member who, in the opinion of the council, has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of machine translation and / or to the aims and objectives of IAMT. Suggestions for nominations for the award may be made to the council by any member of the international translation association, and seconded by two other members, not less than six months before the next "MT Summit" conference.

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