Translators Associations Global: IMIA

The oldest and largest medical interpreter association in the US

Translators Associations Global: IMIAThe International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) is a US-based international organization committed to the advancement of professional medical interpreters as the best practice to equitable language access to health care for linguistically diverse patients.

Founded in 1986, this translators association has over 2,000 members, most providing interpreting services in over 70 languages, and is the oldest and largest medical interpreter association in the country.

While representing medical interpreters as the experts in medical interpreting, this translators association, that has become the standard-setting organization for the profession of medical interpreters, welcomes as members all those who are interested in medical interpreting and language access.

This translation association currently has a division of providers, corporate members, and trainers.

Policy makers, health care administrators, and others interested in medical interpreting are also welcome to join IMIA as associate members.

To pursuit its aims, this translators associations works in defining educational requirements and qualifications for medical interpreters; establishing professional standards of practice and norms of medical interpretation; and professionalizing interpretation and translation services by medical institutions and related agencies.

IMIA also acts as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of information about medical interpretation-translation and related issues and promotes research into issues of cross-cultural communication in the healthcare setting, as well as the medical interpreting profession.

This translation association publishes and promotes periodicals, bulletins, notices, glossaries, dictionaries, reports, and any other publications that may further its objectives. It also holds conferences, symposiums and stakeholder meetings; establishes and maintains a certification process for medical interpreters, and associates itself with professional organizations in related fields.

IMIA works actively with universities, foundations, government agencies, and other organizations in such matters as the training and continuing education of interpreters and translators.

So, if you want to join this translators association, here are the annual membership fees: $60 for one year; $100 for the two year option and $140 for the three year option.

There are four classes of membership in the IMIA: active – medical interpreters currently engaged in the delivery of interpreting services in a healthcare setting –; associate – individuals other than medical interpreters, such as interpreter trainers, employers, or students, who support the mission of the organization –; corporate – all health care facilities and other organizations or corporations interested in supporting the mission of the association –, and honorary – individuals who have received unanimous approval of the Executive Board in recognition of outstanding contributions in support of the mission of the association.

The form for Individual memberships is available on IMIA’s website.

Members benefits
IMIA’s members get a subscription to the Monthly eNews with the most important information in the field – on IMIA’s website, you can check out a sample newsletter
–; have discount in the registration to the IMIA Annual Conference on Medical Interpreting; have the opportunity to participate in all IMIA networking activities, job fairs and discussion groups; can share information and ideas on the IMIA listserv; have access to job announcements and get to see new Training Opportunities in the field.

IMIA’s US headquarters are in Boston. Its international headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario.

To know more about IMIA, write an email to

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