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Translate if you want to save lives

Translators Association News: Translation without BordersTranslators Without Borders are a translators association born in France, in 1993, which support non-governmental organizations like Doctors Without Frontiers, Doctors of the World or Action Against Hunger with translation and management. Their mission is to improve the access to knowledge through humanitarian translation.

If you’re a translator or you’re in charge of a translators association and you’d like to help, join them.

Goal: 10 million words / year

Lori Thicke and Ros Smith-Thomas founded Traducteurs sans Frontières (TSF) in the early 90s to connect translators from all over the world to the NGOs that developed humanitarian work in issues like health, nutrition and education.

Nowadays, the American counterpart, Translators without Borders, translates over two million words per year for NGOs. Despite meritorious, this aid doesn’t even cover 1% of the needs. There are literally thousands of NGOs which rest aside of this support and which need help to communicate critical information.

Very few people make this connection, but translation is essential to reach the Millennium Goals until 2015: to reduce poverty and hunger, to promote universal primary education, to promote equality of genders, to reduce children mortality, to take care of maternal health, to fight serious diseases, to take care of environmental sustainability and to start a global partnership.

Translators without Borders want to reach 10 million words per year (or more). How? Developing an open digital platform and establishing a solid organizational structure.

On TSF’s website, you can find direct email addresses, through which you can request more information, become a volunteer and even make donations.

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