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Translating for world peace

Translators Associations Global: Translators for PeaceTranslators for Peace is a free translators association that has members from all countries and of all nationalities. It was established in Italy on March of 2004 in order to publish, as far as possible in every language and by whatever channel, every message against war in general and in particular and against the use of war as a means of resolving international disputes.

The founders of this translators association dedicate a portion of their time to translate and publish any useful contribution to tackle and broaden the debate on war.

They're particularly interested in passing on information about all the implications of modern technological wars in terms of costs to human lives, the environment, democracy and human rights.

In a nut shell this is what you'll find if you care to read the Translators for Peace Charter – the document is available on the association's website.

How to join

You can join this translators association for peace if you're willing to translate texts voluntarily against the war and, in particular the use of war as a means of settling international disputes, as specified in the mentioned Charter.

To join, you just have to send a message of accession to the email specifying the languages you know and your professional expertise.

To know more about this translation association, visit Translators for Peace website.
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