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Translators Association Latin America: CTPPCThe Corboba Province Public Translators College (Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Provincia de Córdoba, CTPPC) is an Argentine non-profit organisation of professional translators and interpreters founded in 1991. Its origins go back a year before its foundation, when the Corboba Province Interpreters and Translators Association (Asociación de Traductores e Intérpretes de la Provincia de Córdoba) was formed.

On the 19th April 1990, the interpreters and translators association was founded as a civil entity without profit, whose goals were duly established. On this occasion, a bill was approved with rules and regulations, rights and obligations, and the governing bodies were elected for the first period of the organisation’s life.

The preparations for the creation of a college initiate immediately after the above-mentioned event. Finally, on the 14th April 1991, elections for the college take place and a new era begins for the translation association. Since that day, until now, the Argentine organisation fulfils its duties always in the name of its members’ interests.

CTPPC is based in Cordoba. The headquarters are not only the place where all management common to all translators associations is done, but they also host a library and a computer lab, at the disposal of all members. CTTPC’s home base is open from Monday to Friday, 9 to 4.

This translation association does not only stand for its members’ rights, but also has another very important function in the field of translation and interpretation within the area of Cordoba. It is responsible for the ranking of the profession of public translator and for opposing, in legal terms, to all those who illegally exert the profession. CTPPC will intimate those individuals to cease their activities or, as a last resource, suing them. This applies to everyone who offer professional services inherent to public translators in cases which constitute falsehood or confusion of professional exercise.

One of the missions of CTTPC as a translators association is to present its services at least once a year to private entities and official organs such as consulates, ministries, public and private corporations, etc. CTTPC also acts as a safeguard for the accomplishment of all ethic norms and status of the profession. For that purpose, the board has approved a professional ethics code.

There is a concern about the loyalty of CTTPC’s member towards the nation, especially in all concerning the respect for the constitution and all national and regional laws.

The Cordoba translation association is responsible for the legalisation, whenever it is required, of all works produced by its members, to which they must attach the original translated document or a certified copy of it, as well as evidence of having accomplished all legal requisites.

The maintenance of the afore-mentioned library is one of the most important tasks of the Cordoba college. The collection comprises works on subjects like technical documents, science, law, literature and many other fields of interest to members of this translators association. The library also makes available all sorts of national and foreign magazines on language, philology and translation, amongst other themes.

CTTPC publishes several informational bulletins with information that keeps its members updated on everything concerning the field. Moreover, the organisation puts together all kinds of conferences about the profession, as well as recycling courses, workshops, seminars about themes that concern translators, as decided by the board of directors of the translation association.

CTTPC is a member of the International Translators Federation (FIT), the National Federation of Public Translators of Argentina (Federación Nacional de Colegios de Traductores Públicos). It is committed to working with other organisations – either of translators, translation companies or educational institutions – that share the same missions and goals.

All members of CTTPC must be present at as many meetings as possible, make themselves heard and vote. Furthermore, they have the duty to take office in the functions for which they are eventually elected for. In case they have a complaint to file, members should write it and submit it to the board of directors. This applies to all suggestions members think might benefit the translators association.

To be a member, you must send CTTPC a legal photocopy of your university certificate, a copy of the first two sheets of the D.N.I., four passport photographs, a copy of your birth certificate and another one that provides evidence of having undertaken a training course.

Keep in mind that although there are at least 40 spoken languages in Argentina and no official tongue, Spanish is dominant de facto and by far. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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