Translators Associations Latin America: ADICA

An association that underscores the profession's prestige

Translators Associations Latin America: ADICAEstablished in 1979, the Argentinean Association of Conference Interpreters (Asociación Argentina de Intérpretes de Conferencias or ADICA) represents more than 60 well known local interpreters. This non-profit professional association aims to represent simultaneous and consecutive professional interpreters in Argentina and extend the improvement and meaning of their activities.

Other objectives of this translators association are to encourage its members' professional performance; protect their interests and promote the use of ISO Standards, ensuring that the interpreter's work and the indispensible technical support go hand in hand; and promote full knowledge of the profession as well as an awareness that the success of an event attended by foreign guests depends on communication.

The ultimate goal of this translators association is to allow its members to deliver high-quality services, with excellence, in a highly confidential environment.

ADICA’s members have a good reputation in the Argentinean and international markets for the quality of their work and their permanent updating and training in all different fields of knowledge.

They are expected to respect ADICA’s code of ethics, this being an assurance for both the customer and the interpreter.

How to join

Admission requirements include having a college degree in this field of expertise, or else being able to prove sound experience as an interpreter.

Some ADICA members speak a foreign language as their native language; others have received a bilingual education and have completed their training with travels abroad, not only to acquire greater linguistic skills but also a deeper knowledge of the culture of those countries where their working languages are spoken.
There are also members who, in addition to speaking the languages and mastering interpretation techniques, have been awarded a college degree in the professions in which they work as

They are the reason why Argentina has become such a popular venue for international events, a growing trend in the last two decades.

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Keep in mind that Spanish is dominant language in Argentina, a country where there are at least 40 spoken languages and no official tongue. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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