Translators Associations Latin America: AATT

Argentinean qualified English-Spanish technical-scientific translators

Translators Associations Latin America: AATTThe Argentine Association of Technical-Scientific Translators (AATT) was founded in 2000 by the Instituto Superior Del Traductorado-DIPREGEP, that had created the official technical-scientific translation degree course.

This translators association based in Buenos Aires is a non-governmental organization open to qualified English-Spanish technical-scientific translators from all over the country.

Its concerns are the promotion of translation, the assistance, publicity and defense of its members, and the custody of professional ethics.

To these ends, this translators association performs academic, informative, supportive and corrective functions.

On AATT’s website, you’ll find a selection of professionals, registered with the association, whose services can be requested to quote an estimate for translation/interpretation. There’s also information about the International Translation Skills Examinations on the website – AATT holds the University’s Translation Skills Examinations in Business/Science/Techniques, which are specialized translation seminars and examinations.


To join this Argentinean translators association, you must be a graduate from a College of Higher Education or University College with a degree in technical-scientific English-Spanish translation.

Submit a letter of application for membership in English, addressed to The Registrar and signed off with your full name, address, phone number and e-mail; present a simple copy of your ID, two color photographs, and an authenticated copy of your college and academic transcript.

Hand in the documentation at the headquarters of the AATT, Calle 6 Nº 843 - 1900 La Plata, Buenos Aires – Argentine. In alternative, you can send it by registered post.

Once the AATT acknowledges to have received your application, you will be qualified to enrol for the 'Deontology and Professional Formation' online seminar and have to pay the enrolment fee of 200 Argentine pesos and the seminar fee of 400 Argentine pesos.

Only after you have completed this seminar, will you qualify to register with the AATT. Registration costs $ 200 and gives you the right to be listed among the professional technical-scientific translators on AATT’s website and to use your ascribed Register Number on your translations for life.

Once you’re a member of this translators association, you’ll start receiving translation-related information (newsletters) via email regularly, including indicative rates for plain, technical and scientific translations, and you’ll be entitled to access the Association's Online Translation Resources and to have your technical-scientific English-Spanish translations certified by the AATT as being in compliance with the ISO international standards, for as long as your active membership lasts.

Active members also have exclusive access to the Restricted Area of AATT’s website and trough it to the most powerful word and abbreviations search engines, translation resources, lay-out, format, punctuation and grammar files, and useful information for the professional practicing.

Should you have any questions, contact AATT at

Keep in mind that Spanish is dominant language in Argentina, a country where there are at least 40 spoken languages and no official tongue. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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