Translators Associations Latin America: CCT

Defending independent translators and interpreters in Colombia

Translators Associations Latin America: CCTThe Colombian Association of Translators (Colegio Colombiano de Traductores or CCT) was established as a non-profit association in 1990 by independent translators, with the support of the Translation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European cultural mission in Bogota – and it is interesting to see that these links still exist today.

The purpose of this translators association is to bring together independent translators and interpreters in Colombia, represent, defend their interests and have the translation recognized as a profession.

The translation association wants to promote cooperation between its members, keep them informed of academic, practical and technological aspects of their work in Colombia and abroad, and to serve as a forum for their aspirations and the concerns of partners like government, the academy and also the customers.

To this end, CCT organizes workshops and cultural events in Bogota and keeps a virtual Colloquium for working consultations and general contacts. It has, on several occasions, also organized events for the general public. The National Meetings are an example of that.

The Colombian Association of Translators is a member of the Institute of Linguistics (UK) and the American Translators Association (ATA).

On CCT’s website, you can check out its events calendar – all the events are open to the public, except for year-end lunch and the program is updated as information of each event becomes available – and search for a specific translator or interpreter.

How to join
If you decide to join this translators association, contact CCT and ask for their admission form. You can enter as a friend (no formal qualifications and little experience are required), associate (you would have to have a diploma and some experience) or chartered (one needs to have both qualifications and experience). Membership costs around 170 US Dollars per year.

Contact the Colombian Association of Translators using the email address

Keep in mind that the official language of Colombia is Spanish, one of the most widely distributed languages in the world. It is spoken by 329 million people. In Colombia, there are also several indigenous languages, spread throughout the territory.

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