Translators Associations Latin America: Peruvian Academy of Translation

Encouraging professional growth and research in Peru

Translators Associations Latin America: Peruvian Academy of TranslationThe Peruvian Academy of Translation is a non-profit association created in the second half of 2008.

Some of its primary objectives are to promote the formation and updating of the Peruvian translators and promote the field of translation as a professional activity, both in Peru and abroad.

If we go deeper on its mission, we'll find more specific goals. This translators association promotes the development of the translator so that he or she reaches its highest level of expertise; promotes academic debate around the field of translation; publicizes the rights of its members; develops research in translation in Peru; and establishes cooperation and friendship among translation professionals nationally and internationally.

Speaking of debate, in 2011, the Peruvian Academy of Translation launched the first international forum for Quechua Language, Translation and Interpretation. The event is took place in Lima and aimed to address relevant issues amongst Quechua-speaking people, not only in regards to translational issues of the ancient language, but also to tackle problems of access and representation for those who do not speak Spanish.

Accredited translators
The Academy publishes a list of "accredited" or "certified" translators, professionals with a degree or a bachelor degree in Translation. The translators association wants to allow all interested parties do confirm the status of the professional translator.

The headquarters of this translation association is in Magdalena del Mar. Commonly known simply as Magdalena, it is a seaside district of the Lima Province in Peru. To contact the Peruvian Academy of Translation, you can use the form that's on the website or write an email to

Keep in mind that Spanish is spoken by 329 million people. It is the official language of over 20 countries, including Peru, a country with almost 30 million inhabitants and where Quechuan and Aymaran are also official languages.

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