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Translators Associations Latin America: A.C. CONALTIThe long-named National College of Translation and Interpreting Graduates Civil Association (Asociación Civil Colegio Nacional de Licenciados en Traducción e Interpretación, A.C. CONALTI) was born in 1981, which makes it the oldest interpreters and translators association in Venezuela.

Its founders were former students from the School of Modern Languages of Universidad Central de Venezuela. In fact, they were the first class to graduate there.

The mission defined by this young group of translators was “to uphold and champion the professional practice of translation and interpretation and the proper use of language”. They also wish to make their contribution towards the professional enhancement of the members of this translation association, as well as to “foster the advancement of translation and interpretation as professional activities”.

At the same time, A.C. CONALTI founders had in view the creation of a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise by both translators and interpreters. Parallel to that, associates could use the very same platform to make the general public aware of how important their work is, emphasising “the role they play in society”.

Every member of this Venezuelan organisation is a trained professional, with a university degree and many years of practice in his / her fields.

The association has gathered basic information concerning each of the members, which is available from the directory they have created for the purpose. People who wish to look for a translation of interpreting professional in Venezuela might find it useful. They will find a detailed profile of any individual member. There is also the possibility of refining your search according to more specific requirements, like the type of professional or the language combination.

In order to become a member of A.C. CONALTI, you must download the request form. Aspiring associates must correspond to at least one of the following categories: to have a higher education degree on translation and / or interpreting from a recognised national or international university; to have been published, either as a translator or as the author of an essay about translation, interpreting or a similar subject; to have the professional experience equivalent to four years in translation of 200 days in interpreting.

Keep in mind that the official language in Venezuela is Spanish. Around the world, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language, after Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated there are around 330 million Spanish speakers in the world.

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