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Translators Associations Latin America: CTPZNThe North Circle of Sworn Translators (Círculo de Traductores Publicos de la Zona Norte, CTPZN) is an Argentine non-profit translators association. It was founded in 1995, by a group of translators who felt the urgent need to establish a space for exchange and collaboration with other professionals in the Northern area of Buenos Aires.

Already in September 1991, the group yet to be a translation association requested help, advice and sponsorship from the San Isidro Lawyers College (Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro). The purpose was to find a base for the organisation. CASI was immediately receptive to the proposal and thus the first step was taken.

Nearly 20 years later, the uninterrupted presence of the organisation in the Northern part of Buenos Aires has “contributed for the respect earned” by fellow professionals, different institutions, translation companies, freelancers and the general public. Many of them are part of the Circulo’s customers list, others are collaborators and partners.

The association makes a point at inviting all the “sworn translators who identify themselves with the organisation’s goals” to them, in order to “go on growing together”.

The main objectives of the CTPZN include providing a centre for all sworn translators who reside and exert their professional activity in Northern Buenos Aires. The translators association also wishes to rank the profession, pointing it towards excellence in translation and interpreting but also in the direction of preserving both the national language and foreign idioms.

The organisation stresses the need to acknowledge the profession of the translator in all its different features, consequently, increasing the respect and the prestige of the activity. With its mind set on promoting the enrichment of the profession, the translation association is also looking forward to stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experiences between its members, working towards not only professional enhancement but also personal development. This exchange also benefits many professionals who are not members of the CTPZN yet permanently keep in touch with the association.

As a regional organisation itself, the Buenos Aires group also wishes to make contact with other professional and educational institutions, as well as businesses (not only translation agencies), public and private cultural organisations, especially within the Northern area of the Argentine capital.

The Circle offers advice to the whole community in everything concerning language services, from translations to interpretation, but also foreign language courses and similar projects.

Legally, this translators association has the mission to perform presentations before legislative and executive power in the province, with the purpose of improving the 12048 law, which directly refers to the establishment of colleges of sworn translators in the Buenos Aires area.

When you become a member of CTPZN, you earn the right to be part of the association’s directory, which can be consulted both online and in a printed version that is sent to public and private partners. After having been a member for six months, you may also be part of the Directors Board and speak and vote during the Circulo’s meetings. You also get discounts in academic activities.

As a member of this translators association, you get an electronic copy of a list of courses available for the corresponding idiom’s translators, as well as a set of general courses in the Spanish language.

Members have the right to a sponsor. It allows someone with little experience to accompany, for a year, an experienced professional in the exercise of the profession. Also for beginners, they are allowed several visits to a translation studio to learn in a more direct way how to deal with customers, laws and procedures, internet tools, etc.

Other than attending monthly meetings, members of the Argentine translation association also get advised in legal and economic issues. They also get, once every three months, the Gacetilla, the association’s bulletin and access to Tradunorte, the discussion forum.

Keep in mind that although there are at least 40 spoken languages in Argentina and no official tongue, Spanish is dominant de facto and by far. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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