Translators Associations Latin America

Latin America: translators associations in the Hispanic America

Translators Associations Latin AmericaThe term Latin America was first used in Paris in an 1856 and refers to people who speak primarily languages derived from Latin – like Spanish, Portuguese, French, and the Creole languages based upon these.

It is the third world region with more translators associations, after Europe and North America, counting at least 25 translators associations, namely:

10 Argentinian translators associations

1 Chilean translators association

2 Colombian translators associations

2 Costa Rican translators associations

1 Dominican translators association

1 Ecuadorian translators association

1 Guatemalian translators association

3 Mexican translators associations

1 Panamanian translators association

3 Peruvian translators associations

1 Uruguayan translators association

2 Venezuelan translators associations

If you want to know more about translators associations from other world's regions, here's a hint. Lexis' information is divided in seven regions. Here are the other six:

Africa's translators associations | North America's translators associations | Asia Pacific's translators associations | Eurasia's translators associationsEurope's translators associations | Global translators associations

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