Translators Associations Latin America: NATIO

Looking out for the official translators

Translators Associations Latin America: NATIOIn the twenty-first century, when political, trade and cultural barriers tend to fade in a process of rapprochement of nations to globalization, the official translator's work becomes more important every day, in the process of developing relations of any nation with the world

Costa Rica's National Association of Official Translators and Interpreters (Asociación National de Traductores e Intérpretes Oficiales or ANTIO, in Spanish) was founded based on that idea.

Whether you're a translator or an interpreter or a client looking for a specific professional, you'll find NATIO's website very helpfull. It inlightens general aspects of the translators and interpreters work and organizes members in a directory by language specialization.

Even the most experienced translators and interpreters will find answers to questions that arise in their daily work in NATIO's website. For those who were recently appointed, the platform will be of a even bigger assistance.

This translators association is open to every official translator or interpreter that meets the following requirements: members have to submit the application form for admission and documents that support their quality; read and adhere to the NATIO's statutes and codes of ethics; and, of course, pay an entry fee.

If you're interested in joining this translation association or have any questions about its work or any related issues please send an email to

Keep in mind that Spanish is one of the most widely distributed languages in the world, as it is spoken by 329 million people. It is the official language of over 20 countries, including Costa Rica, a country with around 5 million inhabitants.

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