Translators Associations Latin America: CMIC

Mexican College of Interpreters for Conferences

Translators Association Latin America: CMICThe Mexican College of Interpreters for Conferences (Colegio Mexicano de Intérpretes de Conferencias) was founded in 1982 to unite professional interpreters.

With this goal in mind, this translation association fights for public recognition and defends the interests of conference interpreters; promotes proper arbitration between its members and customers as long as this is requested by both parties so request; encourages its associates to apply their knowledge and skills to deliver the work agreed the best way possible.

Have you been charged with organizing an international meeting? First of all, know that communication between participants of different languages is an important issue. Therefore you should hire a highly professional language service. 

Look for professional interpreters who are experts in linguistic communication, as well as they are fast and accurate. On the Mexican College of Interpreters for Conferences website, you will not only find some essential information about the profession and some tips on organizing interpreting services at a conference, but also be able to look up a particular individual.

If you're considering applying to this translation association, go to the organization's website and click in the field "Statutes/ Admission" ("Estatutos/ Admíson" – the website is available only in Spanish), download and print the form, fill it and send it back to the Admissions Committee.

If you have any questions, contact the College through the form available on the same website.

Keep in mind that the official language in Mexico is Spanish. Around the world, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language, after Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated there are around 330 million Spanish speakers in the world.

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