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One of the most recent translators associations in the world is the Ecuadorian's

Ecuador has a translators association since 2007The Ecuadorian Association of Translators and Interpreters (Asociación de Traductores e Intérpretes del Ecuador, shortened to Spanish to ATIEC) is a private non-profit institution and it is the first association of its type in Ecuador. It is one of the most recent translators associations in the world and the leading national organization.

This translators association was created in 2007 aiming to bring together the largest number of translation and interpreting professionals, either Ecuadorian or foreign professionals, working in Ecuador.

Remember: if you are planning to go to Ecuador on business or ever go to this country to work as a translator, contact ATIEC. They will help get acquainted with the local ways. Currently with 35 members, a number that grows every day, this translators association is recognized by both the private and the public sectors and that can be a precious help specially if you're a foreigner.

If you are looking to hire a translator or an interpreter, you can search these professionals on ATIEC's website by language pair.

ATIEC's purpose is to defend the interests of the translator and the interpreter profession and promote continuous and quality training – for example on subjects like CAT tools, techniques, grammar, etc – and ethics among its members. The association wants to improve work conditions in this sector and believes that can be achieved by educating clients and the general public.

The translators and interpreters that join ATIEC are given training opportunities and a shot at professional development, the chance to participate in the national certification program and to work and exchange experiences with skilled professionals in the industry. They are encouraged to be professionals in their work and to always improve their language, translation and interpreting skills.

A short but important history
ATIEC was legally incorporated on September 12th of 2007. It was born from the need for union organization and mutual support between translators and interpreters.

Also the wide range of informal translation services in multiple languages that existed in the country was a concern. This translators association has help to curb that offer.

To be a member of ATIEC, one should have high academic standards and / or expertise. The association aims to ensure a higher level of professional quality through a system of certification and training and also through regular publications and workshops.

The association monitors its members in regard to ethical standards and promotes business practices encouraging them to improve their language, translation and interpreting skills.

Keep in mind that Ecuador's official language is Spanish, a language spoken by 392 million people in just about every South American and Central American country, not to mention Spain, Cuba and the United States of America.

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