Translators Associations Latin America: CTP

Representing translators and interpreters in Peru

Translation Association Latin America: CTPThe College of Translators of Peru (Colegio de Traductores del Perú, CTP) was founded in 1996, as an autonomous institution of public internal right, with the purpose of joining graduated professionals of translation and interpretation. It is a voluntary organisation.

This translators association was born out of the need to seek recognition for both professions within the professional circle and the increment of translation’s value as a moderator between cultures and a lever for technological progress.

Since the very beginning CTP has been constantly standing by the side of its members, defending their rights, their ethical principles and their permanent contribution towards the development of Peru.

According to its founders, CTP is the representing translation association “by excellence” of professional translators and interpreters in Peru. Its double mission is to watch over the respect and dignity of its members and to make respected the Code of Ethics that has been established by CTP. Each member receives a registration number given by the association.

The CTP is committed towards the constant update and perfectioning of its members, “converting itself into a space that stimulates professional growth and investigation”.

The association is a member of the Consejo Nacional de Decanos de los Colegios Profesionales del Perú, an institution that brings together 25 professional colleges in Peru.

The people in charge of CTP have put together a list of aims for the organisation. The responsibility enclosed in this document includes the duty to make sure that the association’s members exercise the profession correctly, according to moral, law, good costumes and professional ethics. The CTP also ensures its members are able to work freely.

Another of CTP’s objectives is to promote and disseminate the professional exercise of “the careers of translation and interpretation”.

The CTP also wishes to co-operate with the cultural, scientific and technological development of Peru, facilitating the access to investigations and documents published in foreign languages. It is also a wish to foment its members’ mutual help and to establish assistance and social security programmes. It is important for the CTP that its members contact with similar institutions, both nationally and abroad.

Translators represented by CTP are “professionals with sold university training”, who possess the title of Graduated Professional in Translation or Interpretation. Moreover, they have deep knowledge of the languages they work with, a wide cultural competence and have developed a specific competence according to the themes they translate.

The CTP is committed towards the constant upgrading and updating of its members, to optimise their services. Thus, permanent communication, exchange of expertise and support between members results in quality work.

The fundamental principle of CTP’s code of ethics is that “the optimal quality as the main feature of the offered service should be the basis for the translator’s performance”.

If you are looking for a competent professional in Peru, the easiest and quickest way is through CTP’s directory. There you will find professionals that may give you a certified translation, an official translation or the translation of any document for your personal use, or your company’s. You can also find interpreters. Only active members are authorised to sing certified translations.

Keep in mind that Spanish is one of the most widely distributed languages in the world, as it is spoken by 329 million people. It is the official language of over 20 countries, including Peru, a country with almost 30 million inhabitants and where Quechuan and Aymaran are also official languages.

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