Translators Associations Latin America: AVINC

Supplying interpretation services to the highest levels of the Venezualan society

Translators Associations Latin America: AVINCThe Venezuelan Association of Conference Interpreters (AVINC) was founded in 1980 by members of the Venezuelan chapter of the International Association of Conference Interpreters. One year later, this translation association based in Caracas was registered as a non-profit organization under the Venezuelan law.

The Venezuelan Association of Conference Interpreters is today the leading force in supplying interpretation services to the highest levels of Venezuelan government, the United Nations family, other international and regional organizations and a host of public and private clients in Venezuela and the Hemisphere, such as translation agencies and other companies.

The members of this translation association are all freelance professionals, with several years of experience, who are admitted after having their skills thoroughly screened.

AVINC members, who have worked in the five continents, are known for mastering multiple active languages and working fields, for their ethical standards and respect for confidentiality.

If you're convinced you fit this profile, apply for membership. Know that individual interpreter fees starts at 350 US Dollars. When working out of town, you would have you per diem and travel expenses covered and there are special arrangements for short one-hour meetings.

On AVINC's website, you can check out current members.

Keep in mind that the official language in Venezuela is Spanish. Around the world, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language, after Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated there are around 330 million Spanish speakers in the world.

When you sign up as a Premium member, Lexis and Red Horse offer you a comprehensive and customisable multilingual non-disclosure agreement to sign together with your clients. Lexis – Connections with meaning

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