Translators Associations Latin America: ACTI

The historical consciousness of a Colombian translator

Translators Association Latin America: ACTIThe Colombian Interpreters and Translators Association (ACTI) is a professional guild, non-profitable, founded on the 15th June 1998, by a multinational group of translators and interpreters.

During the public announcement of this translation association, in October 1998, in Bogota, it was mentioned that “the historical consciousness a translator must have is essential for its translation skills, just like the writing of the history of translation is important for the visibility of the translator as a persona”. The founders of ACTI are, from the beginning, willing to write down the history of this association as a contribution towards understanding the continuous improvement of the “occupational, ethical and ontological” aspect of all associates.

ACTI’s mission – or “raison d’être”, as they put it – is the pursuit of professionalization of the translator’s and interpreter’s activity, with an ever present sense of ethics. ACTI is a guild which represents professionals before a third part. It also contributes towards a better market with its team of certified translators and interpreters.

As for ACTI’s vision – or “what they want to be” – it is to represent all interests of its members, both nationally and abroad, by having the quality of its work recognised. Furthermore, it is a promoter of “professionalization of translation and interpreting in Colombia”. At ACTI, the international standards of quality are carefully followed.

One of the means to reach the proposed ends is the organisation of seminars, workshops and the participation in national conventions and international events. This way, they are fomenting the translator’s constant upgrade.

The people in charge of ACTI also wish to offer counselling both in terms of linguistics and law to all members. For that purpose, they have the “Arbitration and Expertise Council”.

Other than that, it is their intention to elaborate a directory of translators and interpreters, with details on working languages and areas of specialisation, as well as to foment the exchange of insight with other translators associations which follow the same objectives.

The Code of Ethics

Amongst ACTI’s main goals, as it’s been referred to, is the professionalization of all activities translation-related in Colombia. For that to be accomplished, “it is fundamental that translators and users respect a list of general principles which allow the maintenance of a profession within ethical fees”.

With the presence of invited translators and academics, ACTI presented the Code of Ethics for translators. It was first announced at the International Translators Meeting, at the 1999 Bogota Book Fair. Since then, it has been modified and approved by the members of ACTI.

Keep in mind that the official language of Colombia is Spanish, one of the most widely distributed languages in the world. It is spoken by 329 million people. In Colombia, there are also several indigenous languages, spread throughout the territory.

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