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The opportunity to know and exchange experiences with other professionals across the country

COTICH is the translators association of ChileThe Chilean Association of Translators and Interpreters (COTICH) was founded in 1991, is a legally established Chilean non-governmental organization and a member of the International Federation of Translators.

This translators association aims to protect the interests and regulate the practice of the translating profession, promote the advancement of its members, and contribute effectively to Chile’s economic, cultural and social development.

Its members are bound by a strict code of professional ethics designed to ensure optimal standards of integrity, efficiency, and confidentiality.

By joining COTICH, you'll have the opportunity to know and exchange experiences with professional translators and interpreters across the country, see your professional qualifications endorsed and have access to the association’s dictionaries and glossaries. 

Also, appearing in COTICH database and webpage can open up new job opportunities for you. You'll certainly be up to date with all kind of profession-related activities and issues.

To apply for COTICH membership, you have to have a professional degree awarded by a Chilean or foreign university recognized by the Chilean state or, in case you have a degree in another subject, three years experience as a translator. 

But there are still other ways to get in: to hold a degree awarded by a professional translation/interpretation institute and account for three years of professional experience; to be a member of a duly recognized Chilean or foreign association of translators/interpreters; to have practiced the profession for at least five years or to take an admission test.

All applications – keep in mind that all the situations above have to be duly documented – are subject to review by this translators association's board of directors, who decide upon the merits of each application.

If you have any queries or you would like to apply for this organization, contact COTICH using the form that's on the website.

Spanish is the official language of Chile.

Keep in mind that Spanish is spoken by 392 million people in just about every South American and Central American country, not to mention Spain, Cuba and the United States of America.

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