Translators Associations Latin America: TRADUBA

With a clear idea of what academic and professional training should be

Translators Associations Latin America: TRADUBAThe Independent Group of Students and Graduates from the Public Translator Career of the UBA (Agrupación Independiente de Estudiantes y Graduados de la Carrera de Traductor Público de la UBA – or TRADUBA) arose in response to a set of problems linked to the translator’s career and brings together members that study or have studied in the University of Buenos Aires, a teaching institution that enjoys enormous prestige both locally and internationally.

Its goal can be summarized in two precepts: excellence in academics and getting to all professionals in the field.

Since its establishment, this translators association has expanded its reach to other educational institutions and professional groups with whom TRADUBA share a great common goal: to maintain the hierarchy of the profession from the formative stage of future graduates.

The main objectives of this translators association are to increased attention to minority languages, achieving active participation of concerned students and teachers; improve the treatment of students in cases where such treatment is still not achieved; bring together the graduates of the University of Buenos Aires and invite them to participate and contribute their valuable ideas; report irregular situations and highlight what’s being done that is good and the performance of those teachers that give prestige to the career.

Defending the well-earned reputation of its career and public universities in general and reporting any attempt of training students to be resigned to accepting exploitative work conditions are
other concerns of TRADUBA.

Amongst the achievements of this translation association are the creation and implementation of a new curriculum of the School of Public Translator – the change meant to adapt academic content to the needs of current training of translators –; the implementation of a new survey – the old survey method was characterized by its lack of transparency and failure to produce results that matched reality; the new survey shall include all languages –; the establishment of a Translation Student Center that cooperates with all parties involved in the reform process –; and the development of a website.

This site is the result of a collective effort and the work of volunteers that worked hard to create an effective communication channel with students and graduates. The design and development was carried out by TRADUBA’s members and all related expenses, including hiring the server, came out of their own pockets.

On TRADUBA’s website, the translators association challenges everyone with an interest in translation to participate in its daily life; send questions and suggestions; and even judge. The objective is to improve TRADUBA’s work. Send your hints to the following email:

Keep in mind that Spanish is dominant language in Argentina, a country where there are at least 40 spoken languages and no official tongue. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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