Translators Associations North America: NMTIA

A discussion forum for professional translators and interpreters

Translation Association North America: NMTIAThe New Mexico Translators and Interpreters Association (NMTIA) is a professional organisation of translators and interpreters, based in Albuquerque, United States of America. It wishes to assist all possible clients find professionals in the state of New Mexico.

The American translation association provides a discussion forum for professional interpreters and translators to exchange their views on the profession. It also puts great emphasis in the promotion of public awareness concerning the importance of both translation and interpreting in communication between different cultures.

NMTIA holds bimonthly meetings and occasional social gatherings for its members to meet and exchange opinions and expertise. Other than this, the New Mexico interpreters and translators association sponsors several workshops and accreditation examinations.

This translation association is also concerned with keeping its members updated on everything happening in the world of translators, interpreters, translation companies and other language service providers. For that purpose, the NMTIA publishes a newsletter called Rattles from New Mexico. In addition, it has a membership directory, available to everyone on the translators association website.

Throughout its history, NMTIA has organised several events and opportunities for professionals, from the 2012 NMTIA logo contest to several presentations, including the one by Rafael Carrillo on Forensic Transcription and Translation – Preparing for a Challenge.

Meetings of the translators association are posteriorly made available to its members in MP3 files, so that those who could not attend it do not miss the contents discussed.

One of NMTIA’s main concerns is to help prospective customers to locate the language professionals that are most appropriate for the tasks they have in hands. The Albuquerque organisation is committed towards helping the general public in everything concerning their language needs.

One of the issues the translation association tries to help with has to do with the fact that the client is not always aware whether a translator or an interpreter would be the best choice for the task it wishes to see accomplished. NMTIA explains that “a translator works with written text, usually translating into his / her native language”. This includes books and newspaper articles, correspondence, contracts and proposals, laws, dissertations and journal articles.

An interpreter works in spoken language, usually speaking both languages of the pertinent combination. According to the translators association, he / she can provide services in legal interpretation in a courtroom setting, in negotiating with a group of foreign investors, helping a doctor with a patient who does not speak English or conveying a workshop of conference presentation to an international audience.

The NMTIA hopes these pieces of advice are useful. They add that “knowing two languages is just a starting point – translating and interpreting also require technical and cultural skills, judgment and accuracy”.

The New Mexico interpreters and translators association reminds everyone that it is not a translation agency or an interpreting services provider. The people in charge of NMTIA ask people to contact members directly, using the information provide in each individual entry. NMTIA cannot be held responsible for the publishing of the received information, as it gets it from individuals and is not able to guarantee its accuracy.

Keep in mind that in New Mexico, as well as in the rest of the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). The population of New Mexico is of over 2 million people.

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