Translators Associations North America: GSAT

An association for translation students at Concordia

Translators Associations North America: GSATBased in Montreal, Quebec, the Concordia University Graduate Students Association in Translation (GSAT) is an association for graduate students enrolled in Translation programs in the Department of French Studies.

This Canadian translators association brings together students enrolled in the following programs: Certificate in Localization, Diploma in Translation and Master’s in Translation Studies.

The purpose of this translators association is to represent its student members in university affairs.

The translation association organizes meetings and events of interest to its members, notably the annual Voyages in Translation Studies, which is the only translation studies student conference in North America.

Located in the vibrant and culturally dynamic city of Montreal, Concordia is one of three English-language universities in the French-speaking province of Quebec. The university is a major contributor to the economic, cultural and social development of Montreal and Quebec. A study shows that the university is a wealth generator, creating jobs and adding to Quebec’s productivity, competitiveness, capacity for innovation and pool of human capital. In 2010-11, nearly 46.000 students enrolled in credit and non-credit courses at this university.

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Keep in mind that Canada’s two main languages are English and French. Around the world, there are around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher), whereas French native speakers are about 125 millions.

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