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Translation Associations North America: CCIAThe California Court Interpreters Association (CCIA) is a non-profit professional translators association, based in El Centro, California, United States of America. Its main purpose is to contribute to the advancement of standards of court interpreters, fomenting the furthering of the profession’s interests.

This translation association was founded in 1971 and it has been growing continually since its creation. Nowadays, CCIA has chapters all across the state of California, as well as members-at-large in many states within the USA. Furthermore, some of its members are based abroad, in a wide range of locations. The approximately 800 members contribute towards the correct functioning of the various court systems but also the medical and business communities. These members provide expert interpreting and translation services in around 70 languages and dialects.

Membership of the Californian translators association is available to all those who work in translation, including freelancers and professionals employed by translation agencies, but also to everyone who is interested in or concerned with the particularly demanding field of court interpreting. CCIA’s office is happy to give more information to all those interested.

If you wish to become a member of this translation association, you must complete the application form available on the organisation’s website and send it to CCIA’s office. In order to pay your membership fees, you may use your credit card through the PayPal link provided, or you can pay by cheque, made payable to CCIA and mailed to the organisation.

CCIA reminds you that all information you decide to provide on your profile will be included in CCIA’s homepage directory, except for court certification or other registered numbers. If you do not wish to be listed on the directory created by the Californian translators association, or you want of the provided information deleted from your listing, you must notify CCIA.

According to Susan Berk-Seligson, in her book “The Bilingual Courtroom: Court interpreters in the judicial process”, “aside from summer courses and year-round accredited academic courses in court interpreting, there are workshops held by various court interpreter associations, the most active of which by far is the California Court Interpreters Association”. The author adds that the translation association’s annual two-day convention is a highly successful event, where “usually federally certified interpreters share their expertise with other members”. CCIA also conducts “regional workshops throughout the year, and keeps its members informed of news helpful to professional and would-be interpreters through its newsletter, The Polyglot”.

Keep in mind that in California, as well as in the rest of the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). The population of California is of over 37 million people.

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