Translators Associations North America: DVTA

From Philadelphia to New York City

Translators Associations North America: DVTAThe Delaware Valley Translators Association is a regional, non-profit professional association and a chapter of the American Translators Association since the early 1960s.

It acts as a regional talent bank for individuals, business and industry seeking assistance with translation and interpretation and defending the rights of translators, interpreters, linguists, educators, and other individuals interested in these fields.

The primary goal of this translators association from the Delaware Valley is to improve communications among translators and interpreters, as a way of promoting the highest professional standards.

It serves as a clearinghouse for information on literature and new developments concerning translation and interpretation and provides a forum for members to hear formal presentations and discuss current topics in the profession.

This translation association serves members from all over the Mid-Atlantic Region: Philadelphia/Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware/Northern Maryland and North Jersey/New York City.


DVTA welcomes all individuals, corporations, and institutions primarily in but not limited to southeastern Pennsylvania, central and southern New Jersey, and Delaware who are active translators and/or interpreters or have a professional interest in the field.

Active members of this translators association are experienced translators and interpreters in most of the world’s major languages and specialties and have a reputation for integrity and ethical conduct in their field of specialization.

This translation association has four categories of membership – active, associate, corporate/institutional and student membership – and annual dues go between 10 and 50 dollars.

Those who become DVTA’s members get the opportunity to network with local professionals for local jobs, attend quality workshops and educational seminars, share experiences on the DVTA members-only listserv, market their services in DVTA’s online directory, and meet fellow professionals for face-to-face problem-solving. Membership in DVTA also entitles members to attend educational meetings of the association at a reduced rate, when offered.

Keep in mind that English is the official language in the United States of America. The actual figures are estimated to be much higher, but there must be around 328 million native English speakers worldwide.  

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