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Translation Associations North America: NYCTThe New York Circle of Translators (NYCT) was founded in 1979. It is likely that the small group of dinner companions that created the translators association didn’t even imagine it would become a non-for-profit organisation with several hundreds of members spread all over the state of New York.

NYCT is governed by a set of bylaws that regulate the translation association’s internal affairs. Its members are independent professionals of translation and interpreting, but there are also translation agencies and organisations.

Members of the circle work in multiple languages and specialise in many subjects, from industry and law to finance, commerce, arts and academic texts. According to NYCT, its “translators and interpreters are committed to the exchange of ideas and mutual support”. The association itself is also committed to educating the general public about “the professional nature of interpreting and translating”.

The New York translators association hosts monthly meetings which feature many experts in all aspects of the profession. In the past, these events have covered subjects like court interpretation, technical translation, subtitling, machine translation and literary translation. NYCT also organises regular education workshops as well as seminars. Other events include restaurant dinners and an annual holiday party. These offer “opportunities to meet people and to network”.

NYCT wishes to promote its members’ professional services to the business community. For that purpose, it has created an online membership directory, as well as an annual printed directory. There is also available a telephone hotline and a Yellow Pages listing. If you’re a potential client of translation or interpretation services and you get in touch with NYCT, you will be directed to the directory or put in contact with members that fulfil your requirements.

The list of purposes defined by the people in charge of this translators association includes the promotion and advocating of translation and interpreting as professions, as well as the continuous defence and support of professionals’ interests and concerns. It is also a wish of the NYCT to “develop and maintain standards of professional ethics, practices, and competence, and to promote high-quality services”. At the same time, the circle wants to create a system of continuing education and training opportunities for both translators and interpreters.

Mutual assistance among translators and interpreters and the free trade and open competition amongst them are also ideas the association wishes to promote and facilitate. Furthermore, the NYCT aims at conducting all activities that may accomplish or further its objectives, promoting the organisation and its members’ general welfare.

Any person with a professional connection with translation or who simply has an interest in the subject may apply for membership. All members have the right to attend and vote any of the circle’s general meetings, benefit from membership facilities and receive the association’s regular publications for free or at a special membership rate.

As a member of NYCT, you will enjoy numerous benefits, such as being able to attend monthly meetings, networking opportunities and parties, professional development workshops and seminars. You will also be listed in NYCT online membership directory and the annual printed members’ directory. If you accept referrals, other existing members may direct work requests to you or clients may contact you directly.

There are seven different NYCT membership categories. Students are required to present a current student ID card. It is valid for four years at most. Individual members can benefit from being listed in the membership directories and referrals, if you approve of it.

As for Corporate members, they are also listed in the directories. They have the right to cite NYCT corporate membership on the company’s letterhead and / or website as well as have a link from the online members’ directory to their website.

Patron members are individuals who benefit from all the advantages of Individual members plus special mention in the annual printed directory. The same benefits apply to Corporate Patron members.

There are also two special categories: Lifetime and Honorary Lifetime. In this last case, it is a status conferred by the NYCT Board of Directors in exceptional cases, “in recognition of outstanding service to the Circle”.

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NYCT members receive a monthly newsletter with insight on upcoming meetings, circle activities, members’ news and comments, as well as up-to-date articles on the world of translation and interpreting.

The New York translators association appreciates the contribution of all its members. As a member, “you could write an article” or ask for the reprinting of an article. To submit materials for publication, you should email them to the editor at least a month before the publication.

Keep in mind that in the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher).

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