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NAJIT's annual conference in May 2012

Translators Associations North America: NAJITThe United States’ National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) presents its annual meeting, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from the 18th to the 20th May 2012. This year, the chosen theme – or motto – is “Interpreter = Access”.

The conference curriculum has been submitted by the translators association to various states in the country so that it is certified and approved in terms of CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits. A CEU is a unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an accredited programme conceived for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.

NAJIT warns that some of the courses offered by the translation association may not be approved by all states. However, they assure that “NAJIT makes every effort to provide quality training opportunities” though they “cannot always control the decisions of state certification boards and commissions”.

Friday, the 18th May, will be dedicated to workshops, 9 to 5. Some of these are all day long, others in the morning or in the afternoon. All day workshops include “Ars Memorativa”, conducted by Agustin de la Mora, “Transcription and Translators of Forensic Recordings”, with Judith Kenigson Kristy or “Spanish Skills-Building” with Melinda González-Hibner. As for morning workshops, Arlene Kelly presents the Portuguese-specific workshop “Juvenile Court is Not Child’s Play”, while Jinny Bromberg and Irina Jesionowski host “Coping with Challenges of Simultaneous Interpretation into Russian in Courtroom Settings”. There are more workshops available in the morning.

As for the afternoon, the translators association presents workshops by Alex Rainof (“Translator and Interpreter Ethics in the Courts and the Medical Sector”), Pilar Cal-Meyer (“Critical Analysis Tools for T/T of Custodial Interrogations of LEPs”), Marcella Jenney-Reyes (“Advancing Your Translation or Interpretation Business Through Social Media”), etc.

Saturday and Sunday are for educational sessions. On the 19th May, Virginia Hinders hosts “Breaking Barriers: Challenges for Rare Language Interpreters”, at the same time as Judith Kenigson Kristy focuses on the “Ethics” of the profession. Grisel Hart talks about “Interpreting for a City”, with interesting advice on “how to address a mayor” as well as on how to deal with “sewer lines in the name of diversity and progress”. On the same day, Alex Rainof presents the intriguing “Proverbs and Translation and Interpretation”.

On the last day of the translation association’s annual meeting, T. Hope Collins and Janice Rodriguez ask themselves “How are we going to pay for this?”, not referring to the actual conference itself but to “Collaborative funding options for interpreter services and training”. Almost in the end of the event, Yvette Hovsepian Bearce will explain to the audience what a “globetrotting interpreter” is.

NAJIT warns that the schedule is still subject to change.

If you’re planning to attend NAJIT’s Annual Conference, you should know that hotel registration deadline is on the 25th April 2012. If you wish to benefit from the early bird fee, you must register before the 1st April. Conference registration closes on the 11th May 2012.

Full registration includes Saturday lunch and cocktail party, light breakfasts and refreshment breaks on Saturday and Sunday as well as Saturday and Sunday educational sessions, handouts. Saturday registration includes breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception. Sunday registration includes breakfast. Students cannot register online. In order to sign up for the event, they need to download the registration form.

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