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Networking translators and interpreters from Michigan

Translation Associations North America: MiTiNThe Michigan Translators and Intepreters Network (MiTiN) (supposedly pronounced "mitten") was initially created as an informal network in 1991 by local Michigan translators and interpreters. It was later, in 1995, established as a professional translators association.

Nowadays, this American translation association has more than 130 members who, according to the organisation, “are fluent in over 34 languages”. Members ot MiTiN are translators and interpreters but also translation agencies, educators and others who share an interest in the translation and interpretation profession.

Right from the day it was formally constituted as a professional translators association, MiTiN defined a set of goals it became committed to achieve. One of the organisation’s missions is the promotion of the continuing education and development of interpreters and translators. Another of the things it wishes to promote is the establishment of networking opportunities amongst interpreters and translators, including interaction with and support of similar organisations.

This translation association from the state of Michigan is eager to operate a referral service through the publishing of a members directory and an alternative version available to the general public on the website. This directory includes all professional multilingual members and their translation agencies. It puts end-users directly in touch with language specialists. The directory is free and there is no referral fee.

MiTiN wishes to promote and publicise professional standards and practices that shall elevate quality standards of the profession. Also, there is a commitment towards promotion and support of the general development of cross-cultural communication skills.

As far as activities are concerned, the Michigan translators association used to issue a monthly newsletter that has now been replaced by a blog with information concerning the profession, including opinion articles by members. MiTiN also organises monthly meetings and proctors the American Translators Association’s exams. The local organisation’s annual programme includes “a wealth of informative events and networking opportunities”.

All members of MiTiN receive several benefits for applying, including open invitations to business meetings and networking events organised by the translation association.

To become a member of MiTiN, you can apply online, as well as pay your dues through the security payment page, which is managed by PayPal. It is also possible to pay your membership fees by post, just by sending a cheque to the association’s treasurer. However, the association stresses, “your application will take much longer to process”. If you pay by cheque, the application will not be processed until the treasure has received your letter and has cleared the cheque. If you pay online, the payment is immediately processed.

There are two membership categories available at MiTiN. Professional individual members pay $40 a year and are defined as individuals that support the purposes of the Michigal translators association and earn an income base solely or partially on language skills, as a freelance or an employed linguist working for a translation company. Professional members are allowed to vote, attend all meetings and events and hold any office or position inside MiTiN.

As for professional corporate / institutional members, they pay $50 per year, and are defined as companies / institutions that support the purposes of MiTiN and generate revenues by providing language services such as interpreting, translating and / or teaching. The head of the translation company or language department (or his / her designee) may vote, attend all meetings and functions and hold any office or position in MiTiN.

The Michigan organisation outlines that all applications are subject to the approval of the board of directors. Also, “timely payment of annual dues is required for continuing membership”. Annual dues for the following year may be paid each 1st of December. As a member, you should be aware that the association does not invoice you concerning annual dues, so keep your calendar close.

Keep in mind that in Michigan, as well as in the rest of the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). The population of Michigan is of almost 10 million people.

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