Translators Associations North America: MITA

Representing Texas in the translation industry

Translators Association North America: MITAThe Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association (MITA) is a professional association that serves the Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex, in the state of Texas, United States of America. It relies considerably on its website, “a valuable resource for your foreign language needs, whether for interpretation (the spoken word) or translation (the written word).

This Texan translation association has established a database of professional interpreters and translators who handle verbal and written communication in many different languages, from Cambodian to Togan, Farsi and Flemmish. Their members, all of them language service professionals, have specialised in many different subjects, providing its customers with “quality linguistic solutions for a variety of fields”.

The online database available on MITA’s website allows you to choose between translator and interpreter (or both), the language you’re looking for (other than English) and the professional’s location (mainly in Texas, but also in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Oklahoma). There is also a detailed directory available for download.

Members of this United States’ translators association come from all around the planet. MITA is proud to say they possess a “complete understanding of varying customs, morals, business practices” and even “etiquette”.

The objectives established by MITA’s founding members include the concern with making communication needs in terms of foreign languages easier for international communities within the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. It is also an aim to promote growing recognition of both quality and professionalism in interpretation and translation. For that to become reality, the translation association also wishes to create opportunities for continuing education in translation and interpreting, as well as networking events for its members and other professionals who share their interest in the fields of translation and interpretation.

From the beginning, MITA has established the wish to become a resource of qualified language professionals.

As a member of MITA, you will benefit from the above-mentioned networking opportunities with “accredited translators and certified interpreters”. You also receive the association’s monthly newsletter, The MITA Reader, with up-to-date articles on the professional world of translation. You can also be listed in the online membership directory, depending on your membership category.

MITA organises bi-monthly meetings where subjects of interest to the profession are presented. The Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association also gives you the chance to participate in special interest groups as well as workshops.

There are three membership categories at MITA: Individual members have the right to one individual directory listing; Corporate members can have one corporate and one individual directory listing. As for Associate members, they are not listed in the directory.

Keep in mind that in the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). Texas is the second most populous state of the USA, with almost 26 million inhabitants.

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