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The Stars and the Stripes of Translators Associations

Translation Association North America: USAThe United States of America are seen by many as the land of freedom, and that includes all the translators associations that have established along its territory. Hopefully, these translation associations have been able to enjoy the legacy left by the likes of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, two of the country’s fathers, the main figures of the 1776 declaration of independence from Great Britain.

Some say the USA are more than a country. In fact, the diversity of cultures, landscapes, habits and even time zones spread across the 9,826,675 km2 of land, are the evidence shown to prove it is more like a continent.

The popularity of the American culture is equivalent to the nation’s size. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who cannot name an American singer, writer, actor or director. Hollywood in California is the world’s movie capital. In music, Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears or The Killers share at least one characteristic: their nationality.

In politics, the USA have played a central part in the world’s history, since its very foundation. Just to mention the 20th century, the country fought at least six wars, not counting on Cold War. President Barack Obama enjoyed huge popularity across the globe when he became the first Afro-American President, in 2008.

The country’s largest metropolis is New York City, which obviously has its own associations of translators and interpreters.

The weight of the country in the world’s scales makes it that language is of vital importance. Thus, translation companies and translators associations play a very relevant role in the nation’s development.

It is interesting to refer that the United States of America do not have an official language. Even if English is, de facto, the language most commonly spoken (by far) by the nation’s 300 million inhabitants, it is not considered official. The many immigrant communities, from Italians to Portuguese, Latin Americans and Asian, outline the importance of existing active translation associations all over the country.

Lexis has estimated there are at least nineteen translation associations in the USA. However it is expected there are many more translators associations in the US. One of the most important translation association in the country is TTIG, based in Washington DC. Another American translators association is the one that concerns judiciary translators and interpreters, NAJIT.

Across the many states, there are numerous translation associations worth taking a look at. If you want to know more about American translators associations or a translation association in particular, Lexis is the place to be.

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