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Translators Associations North America: NETAThe New England Translators Association (NETA) was established in 1975 in Boston and is a non-profit professional organization of translators and interpreters open to everyone who’s interested in the T&I profession.

NETA has more than 150 members, who work in all of the major European languages and in a number of Asian languages as well.

The goals of this translators association are to advocate and promote the recognition of translation and interpreting as professions; protect and safeguard the interests of the professional translator and interpreter; formulate and maintain standards of professional ethics, practice, and competence; provide meetings, workshops, an annual conference, and other opportunities to increase skills and knowledge; and promote collegiality, networking, and cooperation among members.

To accomplish these objectives, NETA holds periodic meetings; publishes a quarterly newsletter; organizes an annual exhibition and conference for the New England area to act as a networking event for translators and interpreters, as well as companies and organizations involved in the field of translation and interpreting; supports and promotes the training of translators and interpreters through lectures, workshops and other program activities.

Plus, whether you are a potential client, a translator or interpreter interested in joining NETA, you’ll find useful information on NETA’s website.

Clients will find, for instances, advice on how to choose a translator or an interpreter, as well as listings of NETA members (, including their backgrounds, specializations, and language combinations.

And if you have a project for which you are seeking a translator or an interpreter, you can send a detailed description of it, with dates, word counts, subject matter, and full contact information to NETA’s job posting service. The email is the following:

As translators and interpreters go, a part from getting to know more about this translators association and how to join NETA, professionals get to read about the professional resources, business practices, meetings and the organization’s annual conference.

If you become a member, you will receive frequent job announcements via email.

This translators association welcomes practicing translators, interpreters, translation editors, or translation/interpretation teachers, and those interested in careers in translation and interpreting.

All of this people have to agree to abide by the bylaws of NETA and its Code of Professional Ethics.

Amongst other things, all members in good standing get to have a listing on the NETA’s website and join the distribution email list for the purpose of engaging in discussion and receiving job opportunities.

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