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Translation Associations North America: AATIAThe Austin Area Translators & Interpreters Association (AATIA) was founded in 1985. It “shares” the area with state government, the University of Texas’s main campus and a lot of high-tech factories and enterprises. Austin is now seen as a centre for Latin America trade and culture, as close as it is to the Mexican border. According to the Austin translators association, it “has attracted a large pool of highly qualified people who provide translation and interpretation services in many languages”.

Nowadays, the people in charge AATIA are proud to consider the translation association as one of America’s “leading resources and advocates for the translation and interpreting community”.

A mission was defined from the beginning. The AATIA serves members “through education, networking and promotion of translation and interpretation professions”. Since its foundation, the association has provided the exchange of expertise between language specialists, as well as created opportunities to improve one’s knowledge about tools and techniques of professional translations and interpreters.

There is also the aim of making translation and interpretation recognised by the community in general. According to the association, “today – with its strong regional, national, and international ties – AATIA is one of the largest and most active associations of professional translators and interpreters in the country”.

One of the main concerns of the organisation is to create opportunities for people to meet and discuss issues related with the profession. They organise bimonthly meetings where members and guests get together. There are many other events throughout the year, including those organised by what the Texan association calls “Special Interest Groups”.

Also available, there are frequent workshops on several subjects and “periodically sponsors accreditation workshops and exams”. AATIA has also organised national conferences and seminars in collaboration with other translators associations.

Member benefits

When you join AATIA, you can benefit from all of the above-mentioned networking events, as well as newcomer orientation, help with developing your professional career and a “members-only newsgroup for career opportunities, announcements, and other fast-breaking news”, amongst other things.

There are three classes of membership available.

“Active”, for individuals who are engaged in translation, interpreting or related work. This type of members can vote and hold office. He / she can also benefit from “listing in online services directory, referral service, publications” and discounts on social events.

“Associate” members, aimed at individuals with an interest in translating and interpreting. They have the right to receive publications, as well as to get member discounts on social events.

“Business” members, as the name suggests, is for businesses with interests in the translation and interpretation market. These members have the right to be listed in an online directory, referral service, as well as to receive publications and discounts. In this case, they aren’t able to vote or hold office.

Keep in mind that Texas is part of the United States of America, whose official language is English. This language has 508 million native speakers worldwide.

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