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Two Carolinas in one translators association

Translators Associations North America: CATIThe Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters (CATI) is a non-profit translation association that serves both North and South Carolina. Membership is open to anyone interested in translation or interpretation who supports the aims of the organisation.

CATI is governed by an elected board of directors who are at the disposal of anyone wishing to ask for information concerning the translators association. CATI wishes to encourage high-quality services and ethical business practice amongst its members. This measure, as well as other goals set by the board, should constitute a decisive contribution towards the recognition of translating and interpreting as rightful professions.

The Carolina translators association always stands for the interests and concerns of professional translators and interpreters. It is also important that members facilitate mutual assistance among each other, as well as that they provide a medium for collaboration with persons in professions that have a connection with translation.

Another of CATI’s aims is to disseminate information to the general public, providing them with clarified knowledge about translation and interpreting.

The official website is, according to the people in charge of it, “the public face” of this translation association. It was conceived to serve both members and the general public. As a visitor, if you are seeking a translator or an interpreter or even a language service provider – a translation company, for example – you may find it useful to know there is an online database available to you. “Built-in tools let you refine your search by location or qualification”.

On the other hand, if you are a member, there is an additional option available that allows you to log in to a members-only section of the translators association website. In there, you can keep your biographical information up-to-date, as well as review selected job postings and many other options. Other changes on the website are to be announced, with new features that are part of an “ongoing effort to streamline and update the way we handle CATI information”. It is all part of an effort to be “more efficient” and provide “better services” to members.

CATI has established a sponsorship programme with the purpose of giving people and organisations a way to show their support for the Carolina translation association, as well as for the professions related to translation and interpreting.

Other than this, CATI is greatly committed towards creating opportunities for exchange of experiences and information. For that purpose, the American organisation organises numerous events and activities, such as seminars, workshops and the annual conference. These events and activities provide great opportunities for networking, gathering of knowledge and keeping “abreast of what's happening in the world of translation, interpretation, and language services”. The translators associations makes a point at reminding these opportunities are not exclusively for members but also for everyone who has an interest in the profession.

As a member of CATI, you can benefit from several privileges. For example, your name will be listed on the website database, which allows you to be easily reachable by potential customers. They are able to search according to language, specialisation, telephone number, city, zip code, state and / or name.

There is also a Translation Services Directory, which is sold at low cost to libraries, government agencies, law firms, hospitals, international businesses, etc. It contains a list of all members “as of spring of the current year when it is published”. Individual members receive one and corporate and institutional members get two copies free of charge.

In the members-only area, you will have access to exclusive information concerning job announcements and other pertinent news. In addition, you will receive via email up-to-date information concerning the industry of translation and interpretation.

The CATI Quarterly is the official journal of the translators association. It focuses on translation and interpretation around the world, with an understanding special emphasis in the states of North and South Carolina. Its virtual pages contain in-depth articles and features. CATI Quarterly is published electronically and sent to all members via email.

Another important publication by the translators association, “Translation: Your Access to the World”, is a leaflet conceived to guide the prospective customer as he / she selects a professional translators, but also during the working process.

Local groups are a very important part of CATI. They meet regularly in some metropolitan areas. Their activities go from informative programmes which are relevant for the profession to social events. News on coming events – with details on location, date and time – are always sent to members. CATI also values any initiatives by members who wish to meet other colleagues in the region – or that share a language combination – and get together on an informal basis.

The Carolina translators association has four membership categories available: individual, student, corporate and institutional. To become a member of CATI, you need to fill-in the application form available online and either print it and send it as a hardcopy or email it. Members who join after the 1st November pay for the coming year and get the remainder of the current year for free.

Keep in mind that in North and South Carolina, as well as in the rest of the United States of America, English is the official language. It’s the most widely spread tongue worldwide, with around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher). The population of North and South Carolina is of almost 15 million people.

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