Iberian Wordbee Masterclass 2012

Participants complimented Lexis and AP | Portugal for its unique training

Iberian Wordbee Masterclass 2012The Iberian Wordbee Masterclass 2012 took place in AP | Portugal headquarters, in Oporto, on July 20th. This was a unique event in the translation area and its participants agreed that AP | Portugal and Lexis did a good job.

The event was attended by a significant amount of public, amoung freelance translators and project managers and administrators from translation agencies.

Although some of the topics, like quality and the new Portuguese spelling agreement, were somewhat familiar to some of the trainees, the group found the Wordbee's sessions rather interesting.

As Mafalda Cortes Pereira, Multivertentes' CEO, a translation agency based in Oporto, told Lexis, learning that "Wordbee could be customized and that people could set up different word counting levels" was one of the aspects this professional most appreciated in the software.

"Regarding Wordbee, we had much more to address but taking into account the limited time of the masterclass, I thought time was well employed", underlined Mafalda Cortes Pereira.

Guillaume Barcas, a project manager at Inpokulis, a translation agency from Algarve, liked the fact that this "masterclass was based on practical and real examples". That, said Barcas, "made the hole experience more interesting and enjoyable".

"I study in depth management software and I think Wordbee is very intuitive. Its interface has all we need. Everything is in the homepage. I like the fact that we don’t need to have a folder system because everything is on the Internet", concluded this project manager.
Despite using another project management software, Rosa Monteiro, project manager at Linguaemundi, a translation agency from Peso da Régua, in the heart of Douro region, believes that "it’s always good to be up to date with what is going on".

Sandra Madureira, a freelance translator from Guimarães, working since 2003, said she would most definitely use Wordbee. Working as freelance translators for over 20 years now, Luísa Lara and Anne-Marie Grund both felt that it would take them more sessions to really be able to work with the software, but agreed on its potential.

"I understood the concept, how it works. Now, I’m going to explore Wordbee and put put in practice the knowledge I acquired here", said Luísa Lara.

This event was directed to translators, translation agencies, companies on the verge of internationalization, colleges, language schools and public administration, and addressed vital issues to the industry such as Quality, Productivity, Cost Savings or the New Portuguese Spelling Agreement.

It was organized by Lexis and the Portuguese translation agency AP | Portugal, that partnered up with Wordbee – an integrated translation management and archiving SaaS platform, which was distinguished in 2011 at CeBIT, the renowned international technology fair that takes place in Hannover –, Red Horse – a project that provides non-disclosure agreements (NDA) – and WFQ –  a consulting firm specialized in training, implementation and management of quality systems, with extensive experience in managing quality systems for translation services companies.

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