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Webinar on how to research and translate Portuguese written material

If you represent a translators association check out ATA's webinar by Isa Mara LandoThe Brazilian lecturer Isa Mara Lando is giving a webinar on online resources for English-into-Portuguese research and translation on March 7th.

The event is organized by the American Translators Association (ATA) and the 60-minute webinar takes place at 3:30pm US Eastern Standard Time.

It costs 35 U.S. dollars for members of the American Translators Association and 50 U.S. dollars for non-members.

Whether you are a freelance translator, own a translation company or represent a translators association, it might be worthwhile listening to Mara Lando, who is an experienced teacher and lecturer of English Language and Literature at São Paulo PUC University. 

Mara wants to demonstrate how to obtain a high-quality, consistent translation while saving time on repetitive work.

During the webinar, the presenter will translate four texts – typical samples of financial and general news as well as fiction and non-fiction works – in real time focusing on faithfulness, correctness and naturalness. 

This is an unique opportunity to learn, step-by-step, how to use Google Translate and other not so well known Google search techniques. The knowledge the Brazilian expert will share with you will save you valuable time and improve your productivity.

Mara Lando will also present time-saving resources for Microsoft Word.

Once you've registered, you will receive the texts to be translated. These are sent in advance so that attendees can get acquainted with the translation issues found in each.

Her curriculum

In the past 25 years, she has translated over 100 books, including more than 30 for the publishing house Companhia das Letras, numerous articles for well-known publications. Currently, Isa Mara Lando translates financial articles for The Wall Street Journal on a daily basis.

She is also the author of "Vocabulando – Vocabulário Prático Inglês-Português", a dictionary with more than 2,000 entries covering Brazilian translation difficulties that comes with a workbook of translation exercises and sold more than 7.000 copies since 1999.

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