Partners: Red Horse-NDA

The horse that stands for originality

Partners: Red Horse NDARed Horse-NDA was conceived with the purpose of allowing everyone the access to a Non-Disclosure Agreeement. The group behind the new concept defends that business world “is an extraordinarily competitive field thus any lapse when doing business may prove lethal, to the point of placing your projects’ accomplishment at risk”. Originality has now enormous value and “competitiveness is a ‘must have’”. According to Red Horse, it is as important as your project - in some cases more – to know how to protect it. Whether you're a scientist, an artist, a company owner, a member of a cultural institution or of a translators association, you will find it useful to have this horse on your side.

The ways of the market, its evolution, made Red Horse-NDA aware of the need to make available “a judicial tool, as comprehensive as possible” in the shape of a contract that would protect, in a safe and steadfast way, the projects it refers to. Thus, a team of lawyers was put together to work on the document. The result was a contract that aims at answering the numerous requests to help preserve secrecy, foreseeing every situation, adapting to your needs and overcoming every obstacle that may show up.

For Red Horse’s mission to be accomplished, one had to break down one big obstacle: language barriers. Even though the document is made available in English originally, Red Horse provides translations to other languages. At the moment, other than English, the NDA is available in French, Italian, German, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. However, English will always be considered the contract’s mother tongue, i.e. if there are doubts concerning the translation or interpretation of the NDA, the contract elaborated in English will always serve as a basis to clarify the issue.

If you wish to have the Non-Disclosure Agreement in a language other than the ones stated above, Red Horse suggests that you seek advice from a lawyer you trust, in order to obtain an NDA that suits your needs. It is not advisable that you – in case you don’t possess judicial knowledge – try DIY and create a document yourself, as you may be making mistakes which will prove irrecoverable.

Red Horse-NDA’s Non-Disclosure Agreement is invariably presented in two languages or just one. You may acquire a model of NDA in English solely or in English plus one of the other eight languages referred.

To obtain Red Horse-NDA’s Non-Disclosure Agreement, first of all you have to select the language in which you wish to receive it. The next step is to provide your email address. Finally you can pay for your Non-Disclosure Agreement using Paypal or Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

When you sign up as a Premium member, Lexis and Red Horse offer you a comprehensive and customisable multilingual non-disclosure agreement to sign together with your clients. Lexis – Connections with meaning

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