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Set your LEXIS personalized microsite* as you like it and build a trusting relationship with your potential clients.
Thanks to this Web page, you will be able to establish a more direct and personal connection with your clients, who will be free to check all the information you publish.

You can also include links to your own social networking sites:

If you are a freelancer, seize this opportunity to show your working capacities, language combinations, specialization fields and personality.

If you represent an organization, the LEXIS microsite* will offer you a new way to promote your products, services and projects.

*This option is only available to PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM members.


Discover how you can display your microsite!

>> Microsite for FREELANCER

>> Microsite for COMPANY

>> Real example:

Get your own professional microsite

Even though you already have your own Website, the LEXIS microsite is still the best way to assure your clients that you belong to a renowned language service providers community and that you comply with its code of ethics.
If you want to subscribe to a PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM license, go to the Membership page and find out every advantages of becoming a LEXIS member.

If you represent a company offering professional products, a university or a publisher, see the benefits of becoming a PARTNER.

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