Translation Memory


Translation memories allow the language service provider and freelancers to do their work in a fast and coherent, therefore executing their work with best quality.

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              Get to know all the amazing benefits of the WORBEE's TMs!
WORDBEE translation software allows you to create translation memories. These translation memories are stored in an encrypted server providing you with safe access at any place that has an Internet connection, putting your work one click away.
With WORDBEE you don’t run the risk of losing your data due to a virus or stolen equipment.
Keep all your backups safe with WORDBEE translator!

LEXIS is proud to announce that is offering to all its PREMIUM Members WORDBEE translator software for free!
10 Good Reasons to become a WORDBEE addict!

1. No software installation
2. Free and automatic updates
3. No compatibility issues
4. All documents in one place
5. Translation & Management
6. Real-time work-in-progress tracking
7. Colaborative platform
8. Translation Memories
9. Most common file formats supported
10. Security

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