Octobre 2010

   1 October - SDL TRADOS 2009 STUDIO Grundlagenseminar
                         Köln, Germany

In diesem Seminar erhalten die Teilnehmer eine Einführung in das neue Translation Memory-System SDL TRADOS 2009 Studio Freelance von SDL TRADOS, das sich in dieser Version in einem völlig neuen Gewand präsentiert. Der Einsatz in Word und TagEditor ist einer neuen integrierten Benutzeroberfläche gewichen und das System setzt nunmehr auf den offenen Standard XLIFF statt des proprietären TTX. Die Referentin stellt in diesem Seminar die neue Benutzeroberfläche und den Einsatz des Tools vor und ermöglicht den Teilnehmern einen ersten Einstieg in die sinnvolle Nutzung des Tools. Dabei zieht sie auch Parallelen zu SDL TRADOS 2007 und ermöglicht so bisherigen Nutzern der älteren TRADOS-Versionen einen sinnvollen Umstieg auf das neue Tool.

   1-2 October - Languages and Business Today and Solutions for Tomorrow
                            Lisbon, Portugal

The financial crisis recently struck the global economies and its effects continue to be felt. Our conference last year, in Geneva in 2009, showed how changes have been occurring quickly in the language industries and the training of trainers.
Along these lines, we invite you to continue this essential reflection and to join us for the conference entitled “Languages and Business Today and Solutions for Tomorrow” organised by the International Association Language and Business (IALB) and the international network Tradulex, in Lisbon, Portugal, on 1 and 2 October 2010.

Founded in the early 1970s, the International Association Language and Business seeks to unite practice and theory and consists of professionals from three principal areas: applied languages (in business, industry and research), translation, as well as language training for professionals. 

    1-2 October - III. ProZ.com Chile conference
                            Santiago de Chile, Chile
Visit http://www.proz.com/conference/136 for compete information, program, speakers and registration

   2 October - Conference on Professional Interpretation
                         Novi, MI

The Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network (MiTiN) invites you to their regional conference on the growing field of foreign-language interpreting. Guest speakers will include Holly Mikkelson of ACEBO and Bruce Adelson of Federal Compliance Consulting. 

   2 October - Bilingual People - Amsterdam
                        Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 2nd 2010, NH Krasnopolskly, Amsterdam, 10am-5pm The Bilingual People Language Recruitment and Expat Fair is the largest and most exciting exhibition of its kind in Amsterdam and across Europe. We are committed to serving bilingual and multilingual jobseekers and Expats with an all-encompassing exhibition to find you dream job. Each year we receive an amazing level of interest in response to the Amsterdam fair, which attracts thousands of candidates with language skills across all different disciplines. Last years fair was a huge success, attracting over 4,000 language professionals This year, there will also be an Expat Zone at our Event providing all sorts of useful information and services to expatriates living in or looking to move to the Netherlands. With the demand for Languages ever increasing in the Netherlands this is a fantastic opportunity for Companies and Recruitment agencies to meet and recruit the best multilingual candidates from a wide range of Industries and language disciplines. 

   2 October - CAT Tools Workshop by Jost Zetzsche
                        San Francisco, United States of America

This workshop will focus on computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, which can be more accurately referred to as "translation environment tools." Attendees will see that tools like Déjà Vu, memoQ, Google Translator Tool Kit, or Wordfast Pro are not only CAT tools, but truly have an environment that allows translators to also manage terminology, provide quality assurance, work in complex file formats, cooperate with others, and much more. Jost will focus on the similarities between these specific (and other) tools as well as on differentiating factors. Attendees will also be introduced to new developments in translation memory and terminology management technologies as well as a quick overview of supporting tools for text/term extraction or translation memory maintenance. Jost Zetzsche is an ATA-certified English>German translator and a localization and translation consultant. A native of Hamburg, Germany, he earned a PhD in the field of Chinese translation history and linguistics and began working in localization and technical translation in 1997. In 1999, he co-founded International Writers' Group on the Oregon coast. His computer guide for translators was published in 2003 and he now sends out a biweekly technical newsletter for translators.

   2-3 October - 7th ProZ.com International Conference 
                           Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to the website of the 7th ProZ.com Conference!
This year, the ProZ.com international conference will be held under the motto:
"Achieving Recognition and Prestige"
Hoping to find the answer(s) to a question that appears to be a major concern for our profession:
"What can we do on our own to achieve recognition for our work and a high standing that we certainly deserve? And how can ProZ.com help us?"

   2-3 October - National Language and Cultural Expo 2010, Toronto
                           Toronto, Canada Area

Language is at the core of every civilization - it is the vehicle that brings us history, legend, achievement and progress. Language is what illustrates and defines heritage, identity, culture and our well-being.
Language is what unites humanity and that bridges communication between all people.
Language is awareness - it is expression and forms impression. It unites, defines, defends, praises and encourages today's societies.

   3 October - How to implement open source MT solutions
                        Portland, Oregon Area

This half-day workshop will equip you with the know-how to make informed decisions about how to implement open source MT solutions, with a focus on the Moses system. It covers the full cycle from data preparation to retuning your engine to integration with your localization workflow.

   3 October - How to evaluate the quality of MT output
                        Portland, Oregon Area

This half-day workshop provides a broad overview of how to evaluate translations that are produced by machine translation systems. The range of issues covered includes a broad survey of both human evaluation measures and commonly-used automated metrics, and a review of how these are used for various types of evaluation tasks, such as assessing the translation quality of MT-translated sentences, comparing the performance of alternative MT systems, or measuring the productivity gains of incorporating MT into translation workflows.

   3-6 October - TAUS User Conference
                              Portland (OR), USA

The TAUS User Conference is the once-a-year, non-sponsored event focused on translation automation, localization business innovation and industry collaboration. The User Conference is combined with the TAUS Data Association Annual General Meeting.

   4 October - Best practices for postediting
                        Portland (OR), USA

This TAUS workshop is provided in partnership with the Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland.
This half-day workshop provides a broad overview of the topic of postediting machine translation output, a growth area requiring new skill sets and outlook in the industry.
This workshop provides good practice guidelines, outlining the types of issues to anticipate. We will consider the postediting task from the point of view of the translator and review examples of output, considering how they can be edited and feedback provided to improve future MT engine output. The postediting user interface will also be considered as well as productivity, quality, costing, skill sets and training. The workshop will also cover some of the most recent research and developments on postediting.
The workshop is aimed at managers with beginner or intermediate experience in projects that involve machine translation.
The guidelines provided in the workshop are based on insights gathered from TAUS members, experts in the field, and research carried out at the Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Ireland.

   4-5 October - Polisystem Theory and Beyond
                           Altamura Area, Italy

Aula Magna Ca' Dolfin, Ca' Foscari University
Sestiere Dorsoduro, 3825
Venezia, VENETO 30123 IT 

   4-17 October - The Translation Profession online module Part 1
                              London, United Kingdom

Part 1 of the module deals with the professional aspects of translation, including skills and training, the translation market, working as a freelance and resources. Part 2 is in preparation.

   6-8 October - Localization World Conference
                           Seattle, Washington, USA

Benefits for Conference Attendees:

* Targeted networking. For most conference attendees networking is as important — if not more important — than the content of the conference. But networking is often limited to the occasional chat during coffee breaks and luncheons. This unique network allows them to plan conference breaks and make sure that they can compare notes with the people they most want to see.
* Filter unsolicited selling. Many customers in the localization industry feel overwhelmed by solution providers at conferences. LocWorld will help to filter out unsolicited selling during the conference. Vendors are offered the opportunity to establish contact beforehand. The customer is free to accept or decline this request.
* Establish peer groups. Listing and categorizing common points of interest helps attendees to the conferences to have fruitful discussions and exchanges of experiences in focused sessions.
* Maximize value from conference. Attendees to the conference will take more out of the conference than just the programmed content and will be able to continue using LocWorld after the conference is over.

   6-8 October - Horizon Justice Française
                           Paris, France

A unique opportunity to learn more about how the French judicial system operates; as in past years (HJF1 and HJF2) there is an optional visit to a French prison, followed by presentations
in the court itself
of various aspects of French law/courts/legal procedures by judges and other officials. Participants sit in on a morning of court hearings followed by a special session with the Vice-Procureur de la République du TGI de Paris who will explain the intricacies of case discussions and rulings to translators.

   6-8 October - Languages & The Media

                           Berlin, Germany

Languages & The Media is a biennial international conference dedicated to the subject of language transfer in a changing media landscape (Video, DVD, digital TV, cinema and social networks). The conference themes include innovations and latest developments in dubbing, subtitling, voice-over and translation for the media. Participants of this year’s conference will discuss pivotal topics such as the impact of Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks on audiovisual media. Community translations (crowdsourcing), as well as the adaptation of games to specific cultures (games localisation) are also at the top of the agenda. International experts will further discuss topics such as national and international language policies in the media, multilingual access to global media as well as the distribution and quality of content. The conference is accompanied by an exhibition where vendors and manufacturers of language services and technology products are represented. The conference language is English 

   7 October - AITI 1950-2010
                        Milano, Italy

AITI 1950-2010 60 anni di impegno a favore dei traduttori e degli interpreti – Futuro Inclusione e riconoscimento della professione. Il tema sarà più specificatamente concentrato sui progetti di riforma delle professioni e sul riconoscimento delle associazioni (tra cui la nostra). Tra i confermati, Paolo Tosato, Consigliere Regione Veneto, che parlerà dello Statuto del lavoratore autonomo. L’evento è aperto al pubblico oltre che ai soci.

   7-8 October - 8th International Languages and the Media Conference and Exhibition
                           Berlin, Germany

Digitisation and the explosion in digital content, social media, cloud computing and new platforms offer growing opportunities for audiovisual production, distribution and localisation. These developments are flanked by diversifying concepts and modes of audiovisual translation (multidimensional translation, all forms of accessibility), consequently blurring distinctions and supposed dichotomies (professional versus amateur, productivity versus quality, subtitling versus dubbing, etc.).

   9 October - Developments in Remote Legal Interpreting - Interpreting Division
                        London, United Kingdom 

Presentations by Sabine Braun (University of Surrey) on her videoconference interpreting in the Criminal Justice System survey, and by Amanda Clement (Metropolitan Police) on their remote interpreting pilot progress. These two presentations will be followed by a question and answer session. 

    9 October - Voiceover for Beginners
                         London, United Kingdom

This includes discussion on how to translate scripts, and looking at real sample scripts; sight reading and practice, top tips on looking after your voice and preparing for work, how the industry works, how to promote yourself, where to look for work, some tuition/general advice. The aim is to provide you with an understanding of what is required to become a successful voiceover artist. You will have the chance to record your own voice and have your recording analysed straightaway. Places are limited to ensure that each person receives full support and attention. 

   10-11 October - Networking Days Dublin

The conference organisers, Professor Felicity Rash, Dr Geraldine Horan, Dr Daniel Wildmann and Dr Stefan Baumgarten, invite proposals in the form of abstracts of about 150-200 words on relevant topics in the analysis of pre-1945 nationalist, anti-Semitic or colonialist discourse. We welcome contributions which discuss issues of methodology or which adopt interdisciplinary approaches, and we hope to foster debate on points of contact between linguistics and the historical analysis of political and ideological discourses. We would be particularly interested in contributions on nationalist figures who are less well-represented in discourse research. It is hoped that academic colleagues at all levels of their careers, including postgraduate students, will offer to present papers or lead workshops.

   11-13 October - TRX10
                               Bundaberg Area, Australia

Building on the success of TRX09, TRX10 aims to set new standards for the region in stimulating trans-disciplinary collaborations across all areas of human disease research, drug and diagnostic discovery and development, IT and bioinformatics.
Managers and scientists in medical research institutes, universities and bio-pharmaceutical companies have witnessed an explosive development in the application of powerful computing, laboratory automation, and molecular sciences. The world over, the convergence of these disciplines brings about a fundamental shift in the way medical research, drug research and, ultimately, patient care is undertaken. This shift also impacts academia, industry and governments.
Pharmacogenomics, toxicogenomics, visualisation of disease mechanisms and many other innovative disciplines and technologies all produce an incredible amount of data that then needs to be managed, analysed and interpreted in a relevant biological and medical context which is made possible by bioinformatics - the application of information technology, statistics and mathematics to biological and medical problems involving large volumes of data with complex inter-relationships.
In order to create an international awareness focussed on the Asia-Pacific Region’s current translational biomedical research, IT and bioinformatics capabilities, TRX10 brings together these diverse yet related disciplines and stakeholders in the relaxed subtropical surroundings of Brisbane in Queensland, and provides a platform where delegates can share issues and best practices related to translational research, policy-making, enabling technologies and bioinformatics.

   11–14 October - LISA Forum Europe: Building Quality, Building Customers
                                Budapest, Hungary

The localization industry has made tremendous strides in terms of efficiency and capacity in the past twenty years. Quality, however, has remained an elusive goal. While it is an important goal, companies cannot agree on what quality is exactly or how to obtain it. Nor can they agree on who is responsible for quality: is it the client or the globalization service provider ultimately responsible?
Everyone says that they want quality, but what is it that they really need and what are they willing to pay for it? What quality expectations are reasonable and at what price? Can we define standardized service levels? When nobody can agree as to what it is, how can globalization providers deliver “quality” results? What aspects of quality matter and to whom? Only holistic views of quality can identify the roots of problems and enable us to solve them.

   13 October - The LOC tool for teachers: authoring your own online learning materials
                           Treforest Campus, University of Glamorgan

This blended-delivery workshop will be of interest to teachers with an interest in, but little experience of, online materials development, and who are happy to share their materials with the sector.
The workshop will involve the introduction of the new online version of the LOC (Learning Object Creator), an authoring tool for the creation of online learning material, which is designed to be easy to use and includes in-built pedagogical guidance for the creation of effective materials.
Participants will get a chance to discover the pedagogical background to the tool and begin to plan their own activity through a series of pre-workshop tasks; and then at the face-to-face workshop will use the tool in the creation of their own material, ending the day by sharing and peer-reviewing their outputs. The workshop will mix hands-on activity with discussion and presentation. A post-workshop task involves the creation of some learning material and the submission of it to the Subject Centre. Participants can then have unlimited access to the tool, to start using it in their own institutions, and will also have the opportunity to join our online community of developers.

   13 October - ProZ.com Translation Agencies Virtual conference

ProZ.com virtual conferences offer attendees unparalleled access to educational content, networking opportunities and more, all within a rich and engaging online environment.

   13 October - Wordfast Classic Training - Ho Chi Minh City
                          Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Classic. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the alignment function of PlusTools. 

   14 October - Wordfast Pro Training Level 1 - Ho Chi Minh City
                          Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Pro. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references and various file formats. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the WF Align tool.

   15 October - The Language Show 2010

The UK’s biggest event for interpreters, translators, linguists and everyone who loves languages.
170 exhibitors, 100 free seminars, music, dance, wine and food tastings. Free to attend. 

   15-16 October - 7th Scientific and Professional Symposium
                               Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estas jornadas han sido aprobadas por la American Translators Association para obtener 10 puntos válidos para mantener la certificación que otorga dicha institución.

   16 October - Translation Workshop
                          Leeds, United Kingdom

The Annual Translation Workshop is always well attended and is widely acknowledged as an enjoyable and valuable learning opportunity for all experience levels. Participants have the opportunity to meet in different language groups to discuss & translate texts. As well as making your own contributions, you will be able to learn from the skills and experience of other translators. Ambiguities and linguistic points can be debated within the groups before a general plenary discussion rounds off the event. 

   20-24 October - 2010 Annual Conference
                               Philadelphia, PA

For over thirty years, ALTA members and literary translation aficionados from all regions of the United States and abroad have convened for a vibrant four days each October or November in continually changing venues across the country and, occasionally, in Canada and Mexico.

   21 October - Stamping Android's Passport
                          San Francisco Bay Area

Android has many facilities and tools to make it a well-behaved citizen of the world. We will explore how as an application developer you can use the Android framework facilities for internationalization and localization. For people interested in extending and enhancing Android's ability to take input there will be a tour of how input methods interact with applications and how to build your own. If you are interested in digging even deeper you will not want to miss the platform source code walk-through, where we will discuss how you can extend the platform to be an even better globe trotter.

   23 October - Translating Division - October 2010 Workshop

The theme of our autumn event this year is ‘How to approach and successfully negotiate with new clients’ and will take place on Saturday, 23 October 2010 at 9.30 for 10 a.m.
Venue: Novotel - London City South, 53-61 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HH

23-24 October - RuhrKO2010 „Language as an Economic Factor”
                            Dortmund, Germany

International commerce nowadays is barely conceivable without cross-border business relationships. Irrespective of the size of the businesses involved, country borders have long ceased to act as barriers when defining sales and purchasing markets. There is hardly any region where this is more evident than in Europe, where the internal market reaches across 27 different countries – of which 16 already share a common currency. At the same time, Europe means numerous different countries, with a wealth of different cultures, and hence many different languages. Even if a Federal European State were to become reality, these languages would remain: after all, they play a vital role in the culture and history of Europe’s peoples. Language fosters and highlights regional diversity – a very positive aspect in many ways, but also a challenging one. Without the skills of many translators and interpreters, who ensure that all those involved understand each other, the European Parliament could not function. Germany was the world's leading exporting nation in 2008, and – despite China’s ascendancy during 2009 – is still a massive exporter: consequently, language plays a major role in German commerce. A role that is often underestimated, or not recognised at all. To raise public awareness of language services providers (LSPs) in business, Ralf Lemster Financial Translations GmbH – in cooperation with Mr Jerzy Czopik – is organising an international conference for translators and interpreters. The event will take place in October 2010, at the Zeche Zollern industrial museum site in Dortmund, Germany. 

25-26 October - Língua portuguesa e culturas lusófonas num universo globalizado
Lisboa, Portugal

No quadro das celebrações do centenário da proclamação da República Portuguesa, a União Latina, com o apoio das autoridades governamentais de Portugal e a Fundação Gulbenkian, organiza um colóquio acerca dos trunfos e desafios da lusofonia. Este colóquio será um fórum de reflexão e de propostas concretas, e abordará os temas que permitam salientar os valores da lusofonia, identificando os pontos fracos a superar, e metas a alcançar. O colóquio contará com personalidades e instituições nacionais e internacionais, decisores políticos e económicos, universitários, editores, criadores e profissionais da comunicação social. Temática 

   26 October - Wordfast Pro Training Level 1 - Kuala Lumpur
                          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Pro. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references and various file formats. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the WF Align tool.

   27 October - Wordfast Pro Training Level 1 - Kuala Lumpur
                          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Pro. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references and various file formats. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the WF Align tool.

  27-30 October - Stamping ATA 51st Annual Conference
                               Greater Denver Area

Connect with over 1,500 translators and interpreters from throughout the U.S. and around the world at the many events and networking opportunities provided that are necessary for your success.

   28-30 October - Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting
                               Tarragona, Spain

The final program of METM10 has now been posted on the MET website. One of the threads this year will be conference presenting skills with a focus on helping clients hone spoken text delivery and the accompanying visuals. Other topics will include statistics for translators and editors, translation revision, handling plagiarism, use and abuse of sensitive language, citation practices, the European Commission’s Clear Writing campaign, and much more. Have a look at the full program at http://www.metmeetings.org/index.php?page=metm10_program You’re still in time to take advantage of the reduced early registration fee (deadline: 12 September). For details about registration see http://www.metmeetings.org/index.php?page=metm10_registration Tarragona is an attractive city with reasonably priced accommodation and a range of low-cost flights to the local airport, Reus. Barcelona airport is also close and has a direct coach service to Tarragona. Information about travel and hotels can be found at http://www.metmeetings.org/index.php?page=metm10_local and details of the social program are available at http://www.metmeetings.org/index.php?page=metm10_local. 

   29-31 October - 6th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Intepreting
Manchester, United Kingdom

The IPCITI series, organised collaboratively between the University of Edinburgh, Dublin City University, Heriot-Watt University and the University of Manchester, is intended to give young researchers an opportunity to share their research in a supportive environment among peers and to participate in a significant international networking event for postgraduates in T&I studies.

   29-31 October - Conference on “Music, Poetry and Translation”
                               New York City, United States of America

BARNARD COLLEGE CENTER FOR TRANSLATION STUDIES International Conference on “Music, Poetry and Translation” Barnard College, New York City October 29-31, 2010 Preliminary program (at July 12, 2010) Abstract: Analogies between poetry and music go back thousands of years, to the very origins of poetry itself. Poetry, we are told, is music, or at least more like music than other uses of language. Poetry translation also goes back a very long way. And so does the idea that music cannot be translated.... If poetry is music (or at least is characterized by a musical element), and music cannot be translated, how is a translator to cope with the music in poetry? That simple question has never been addressed directly and systematically, but it is one that binds together translators themselves, and two of the academic fields of inquiry that have proved most compelling over recent years: translation studies, and word and music studies. This conference will bring together people across the spectrum, from philosophers of aesthetics who have studied how words cope with the strange phenomenon we call music, to literature specialists who have dealt both in theory and in practice with how music in poetry passes from one language to another, and experts on the history of translation. The interdisciplinary nature of this conference will ensure multiple approaches to the problem, and cast new light, we hope, on one of the most challenging questions for literary translation. Speakers: Ronnie Apter (Central Michigan University), Emerita Professor of English Scott Burnham (Princeton University), Music Peter Connor (Barnard College), French Peter Dayan (University of Edinburgh), Word and Music Studies Peter France (University of Edinburgh), Emeritus Professor of French Marc Froment-Meurice (Vanderbilt University), French Marylin Gaddis Rose (SUNY-Binghamton), Comparative Literature Susan Gillespie (Bard College), independent translator Lydia Goehr (Columbia University), Music and Philosophy John Hamilton (Harvard University), Comparative Literature and Classics Kenneth Haynes (Brown University), Comparative Literature and Classics Robert Hullot-Kentor (Long Island University), Philosophy Charlotte Mandell, independent translator Brian O’Keeffe (Barnard College), French John Sallis (Boston College), Philosophy Clive Scott (University of East Anglia), Emeritus Professor of European Literature Location: Event Oval, The Diana Center Barnard College New York City U.S.A. For a map of the Barnard campus: http://www.barnard.edu/visitors/barnard.html Dates: Friday, October 29, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Saturday, October 30, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sunday, October 31, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Contact: Susan Johnson Co-ordinator, Barnard Center for Translation Studies sjohnson@barnard.edu (212) 851-5979 Website: www.barnard.edu/translation/mpt_conference.htm N.B. See the conference website for program updates.

   29-31 October - 4th ProZ.com Argentina conference
                               Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit http://www.proz.com/conference/115 for compete information, program, speakers and registration

   30 October -Bilingual People - Prague
                         Prague 9, Czech Republic

October 30th 2010, Clarion Congress Hotel, Praha 9, 10am-6pm The Bilingual People Language Recruitment and Expat Fair is the largest and most exciting exhibition of its kind in Prague and across Europe. We are committed to serving bilingual and multilingual jobseekers and Expats with an all-encompassing exhibition to find you dream job. This year, there will also be an Expat Zone at the Prague Event providing all sorts of useful information and services to expatriates living or looking to move to Czech Republic. With the demand for Languages ever increasing in Czech Republic this is a fantastic opportunity for Companies and Recruitment agencies to meet and recruit the best multilingual candidates from a wide range of Industries and language disciplines. FREE tickets are available for a limited period only

    30 October - Website translation
                           Birmingham, United Kingdom

All-day workshop: Website translation in the afternoon, led by Doug Lawrence. Morning session still to be decided.

   31 October - 5 November - 9th Biennial Conference: Machine Translation in the Production Pipeline
                                                   Denver, CO

Ever wonder how professional translators really work? Come to Denver early and hear about the interests and concerns of translators right from them! This year, the annual American Translators Association (ATA) conference will be only 7 blocks from the AMTA conference site in the days just before the AMTA conference.
The American Translators Association is 51 years old and 11,000 members strong, mostly freelance translators. Their conference will be October 27-30 at the Denver Hyatt Regency. AMTA coordinated with the ATA conference chair to offer content about MT at the ATA conference, as well. These sessions will be held on Saturday, October 30th. ATA offers convenient 1, 2, and 3-day registration packages.
AMTA will be October 31 – November 4 at the Westin Tabor Center, also in Denver. ATA members are welcome and encouraged to come to AMTA, as well. Research, government and commercial user sessions on the first day of AMTA will specifically target topics of interest to translators and language service providers.

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