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LEXIS Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LEXIS PRO?
  • What are LEXIS's main goals?
  • What are the advantages of being a LEXIS member?
  • What does the Code of Ethics, which the LEXIS member are subjected to, consist of?
  • How does LEXIS guarantee the privacy and protection of its members' personal data in its online platforms?
  • What is SYNTAX PRO?
  • What is the difference between SYNTAX and the other language services platforms on the Internet?
  • Who may become an official provider of SYNTAX?
  • How can I become a LEXIS member?
  • If my application is accepted, how much does it cost to be a member of LEXIS?
  • What licenses are available for a LEXIS member?
  • What are the benefits granted by the PARTNER license to an individual/company whose services or products have language service providers as their target public?
  • What are the rights and duties of a LEXIS member?
  • How does the LEXIS corporate image contribute to the promotion of my language services?
  • Will the use of LEXIS’s image put at risk the professional relationships I already have with my clients, by giving them access to a wide range of qualified service providers?
  • Does the limit of 20 free quotes per language service lower the business possibilities of LEXIS members who are SYNTAX suppliers?
  • My LEXIS Ranking dropped down. Why?

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