How does the LEXIS corporate image contribute to the promotion of my language services?

We are doing our best to make the LEXIS membership statute a synonym of quality insurance recognized by the market.

Thus, LEXIS supplies all its members with a personal multimedia page (, in which you may upload all information you consider relevant to define your professional profile, such as your CV and portfolio, under any form: text, image, sound and video.

A LEXIS Member Kit shall also be supplied, containing a variety of customizable widgets, avatars and banners with hyperlinks to your LEXIS page identifying you as a member of our community.
The LEXIS corporate image is easily exported into community members’ personal pages, blogs or email — or printed on business cards, letters and other materials.

For further information, please refer to 2.3.6. of the Regulation and Terms of Use of LEXIS/SYNTAX.

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