Localized Globality

SYNTAX platform

is a platform aiming to create unity and quality insurance in the language services market. At, qualified language service providers and their clients can negotiate directly without commissions nor middlemen.

At SYNTAX, clients seeking a specific language service can search and select the service providers that are most suitable to their needs.

Advantages of being a SYNTAX client:

- Working exclusively with qualified and accredited professionals: all official SYNTAX service providers are LEXIS members;

- Having online access to a worldwide market of language service providers guaranteeing localized globality, i.e., language services are provided by native speakers of the working language (or target language, in case of translation) residing in that language’s socio-cultural environment;

- Targeting your search towards professionals through different criteria such as type of service, source language or professional experience;

- Accessing the professional profiles of SYNTAX service providers, gathering all relevant information and choosing those who best fit your needs. All SYNTAX service providers are LEXIS members: this professional world is but a click away;

- Browsing portfolios and the rankings of various SYNTAX service providers;

- Requesting up to 20 free quotes for each language service—with a single click and no strings attached;

- Negotiating directly with professionals—no commissions or intermediaries;

- Grading the service that has been rendered to you, thus contributing to the SYNTAX providers’ ranking system;

- Being assured that there are no “false professionals” listed. The SYNTAX system for monitoring and reporting potential false professionals is always on high alert. You are protected.


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