September 2010

   1-2  September -
Languages for the 21st century: training, impact and influence
                                  The Edge, University of Sheffield

The conference aims to show-case new training provision, techniques, technologies, methodologies and research in language teaching, with an emphasis on the advanced or research-focussed learner. Particular emphasis will be on the Languages of the Wider World: Africa, East and South Asia, Russia, Central Europe, and the Arab World.

   2-3 September - Baltic Translation Conference 

Baltic Translation Conference is a great opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and professional achievements to other guests and participants. The conference is a chance to establish new contacts that will help you to build valuable business relations in the future.The two conference days will provide plenty of opportunities for networking: session breaks and lunches, as well as two informal dinners. The Thursday and Friday informal dinners will give you a wonderful opportunity to meet the people you have seen during the day sessions face to face. The unconstrained dinners and nice chats will give you time to relax and think over the many impressions gained during the day. In addition, a lottery will be organized where you can win prizes provided by the Conference organizers and our Sponsors!

   3-5 September - Ensuring Patient Safety for Language Minority Patients
                                 Boston, USA

The conferences held to date have played an important role in documenting and motivating progress in this field, and have drawn the interest of attendees from all over the world. Established experts in medical interpreting practice and policy have strongly supported these meetings as an opportunity to share ideas with and lend moral support to each other. National health policy leaders have been invited to participate to share their points of view, and to be educated about the substance of and enthusiasm behind this movement. Newcomers to the field, especially medical interpreters and interpreter managers, have come to learn more about and to gain practical information to take back to their organizations, states & countries.

The format of the conference is grounded in workshop sessions that maximize audience participation, complemented by stakeholder meetings and plenary sessions on key national and international policy issues. IMIA provides the forum for new experts in the field to develop. This conference seeks to facilitate learning as an ongoing, dynamic and social process, and strives to offer engaging sessions in which diverse participants can form bonds, participate as learners and teachers, and feel integral to the learning process.

We believe presenters should make content relevant and meaningful, and offer ways to process information through dialogue, reflection, and application.

   6 September - International Online Conference in Translation and Interpreting Studies

The aim of the online conference is to bring together international postgraduates from within the various areas of Translation and Interpreting Studies and to give them the opportunity to present papers to their peers. We hope that participation will be a rewarding experience for all, open new perspectives, establish new venues for networking and discussion and help to develop crucial academic and social skills in a friendly setting.

   6-8 September - Localization Certification
                                  Cologne, Germany

Program fees include online training, registration for the three-day, on-site workshop, test fees for the Localization Certification Exam, program materials, coffee and snacks during the three-day workshop. All fees are due at the time of registration. Fees are non-refundable.

   6-9 September - VOICE 2010 
                                 Korea, Republic of

The Congress will bring together a diverse community of clinicians, therapists and scientists of the voice science and therapeutic fields from all over the world to share their cutting-edge expertise and knowledge.
The scientific program on voice disorders, motor speech disorders, dysphagia, craniofacial disorders, speech and hearing disorders, fluency disorders and many others will give the most comprehensive and global view of research and issues challenging the professions, research and science today.
Seoul, the capital of Korea, is a lively metropolitan city teeming with modern and traditional Korean culture. Its historical and cultural background makes Seoul the ideal city to hold the 4th World Voice Congress. The organizing committee is planning many attractive social programs to help you enjoy Seoul and is taking the utmost care to pay attention to every small detail.

   7 September - TAUS Round Table: Defining an enterprise language strategy 
                              Maastricht, The Netherlands

The TAUS Round Table is a one-day meeting for decision makers and buyers of translation and localization, aimed at an open exchange about language business innovation and translation technology. This invitation-only brainstorming will be hosted by Medtronic in Maastricht. Attendance is limited to around 12 to 15.

   9 September-9 December -TAPIT Annual Conference 
                                                    Nashville, USA

TAPIT Annual Conference is held every year in September. We have out grown our conference area at Belmont University. So this year we have a new venue, Scarritt-Bennett Conference Center (near Vanderbilt University). Scarritt-Bennett is a former college with plenty of meeting spaces. The dormitories have been converted to hotel rooms which are very reasonably priced.
At the Conference there are always speakers of merit to give interesting, insightful, and informative presentations about their specialized field from the world of interpreting and translating.

   9-23 September - Latin America and Writers-Translators
                                   Medellín, Columbia

Latin America and Writers-Translators: The image of the writer-translator has been one of the most significant characteristics in the specific case of literary translation, particularly in Latin America where translation is still not fully accepted as a discipline and as a profession in all quarteres. Tracing the paths that Latin-American writers have built through translation and self-translation or the paths that non-Latin-American writers have built through the translation of Latin-American literature entails asking ourselves questions about identities, interculturalities, influences, rejectionss and appropriations, about the construction of Latin-American ideas and multiple views of life, and about Latin-American influences upon other literatures and cultures. Questions arise around the controversial concept of "identity". Is it possible to talk about a Latin-American way of thinking? Is it possible to talk about a Latin-American identity? How do we describe this way of thinking? How do we depict this "identity"? Is it possible to discuss the "purity" of a culture? Is it appropriate to assign hierarchies to cultures and literatures? Translation as a dynamic act of continuous change may help us answer these questions or may even make them unnecessary. Accordingly, this is a call for papers focusing on the multiplicity, diversity, transdiscursivity and/or interculturality implied on translation. Deadlines Deadline for submission of proposed articles and a brief summary: August 16, 2010. Deadline for submission of articles for evaluation: October 15, 2010.
  10 September -
TMT - The Road Ahead
                                Ut, Netherlands

Theme Day on new technology in the translation industry organised by ATA (Netherlands Association of Translation Agencies).
Keynote speaker is Jaap van de Meer van TAUS. Other speakers are: Doug Lawrence (Amicus TransTec Ltd), Nathalie de Sutter (Cross Language), Derek Coffey (GlobalSight) and Fulvio Marfoni (Head of Localization HP).
At the end of the day there will be a panel discussion in which all of the speakers will participate.

   10-13 September - 1st International Conference on Language, Literature and Cultural Studies: The Said and the Unsaid 
                                      Vlora, Albania

The conference welcomes papers which involve issues exploring the relationship between silence and speech, language and thought and their representation in areas of linguistics, literature, cultural studies etc.

   11 September - PROJECT Tokyo 2010
                                TKP Shinagawa Conference Center

PROJECT Tokyo 2010 is the third in a series of one-day conferences on translation and interpreting organized by the Japan Association of Translators (???????) for translators and interpreters to exchange information about their professions.
The theme for PROJECT Tokyo 2010 is “Tools and Workshops” and the program consists of introductions to translation tools, workshops to improve practical skills, and informative sessions from industry specialists.

   12 - 15 September - Medinfo2010: 13th International Congress on Medical Informatics
                                       Cape Town, South Africa

The theme for the International Medical Informatics Association’s (IMIA) 13th World Congress on Medical Informatics, Medinfo 2010 is Partnerships for effective e-Health solutions with a particular focus on how innovative collaborations can promote sustainable solutions to health challenges. It is well recognised that information and communication technologies have enormous potential for improving the health and lives of individuals. Innovative and effective change using such technologies is reliant upon people working together in partnerships to create innovative and effective solutions to problems with particular regard to contextual and environmental factors.
As Medinfo 2010 brings together the health informatics community from across the globe we are seeking to focus on how we can work together and share our experiences and knowledge to promote sustainable solutions to the challenges presenting to us all. This will be an historical event as Medinfo 2010 is hosted in Africa for the first time.

   13 - 14 September - Simplified English training in Seattle
                                        Seattle, USA

Simplified Technical English will greatly improve the quality of your documentation and help you achieve considerable time and cost savings. This standard regulates the language used in technical publications, making text easier to understand, less ambiguous and more consistent. STE greatly improves translation quality and provides a perfect basis for multilingual translation, saving cost while achieving optimum quality.

   13-18 September - Fifth Machine Translation Marathon
                                     Le Mans, France

The marathon is hosting an open-source convention to advance the state of the art in machine translation. The convention allows participants in small groups to work on projects that advance existing machine translation tools, integrate new features, find new uses for machine translation, and so on. 

   13-14 September - Strategic Sales Management Workshop
                                     Budapest, Hungary

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to develop a sales strategy and benefit from translation sales expert Doug Lawrence’s expertise as well as from data and information provided by the industry’s leading research organization, Common Sense Advisory. Participants will receive industry-specific sales training ensuring that they apply sales skills in line with their personal styles and business goals. The workshop is designed for sales team members, owners, and managers responsible for sales strategy and results.

    14 September -
Webinar - An introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2009 for translators

During this 60-minute webinar, Katherine Weller from SDL will introduce SDL Trados Studio 2009, particularly focusing on the key features and benefits for translators.

The session will include the following topics:
* Introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2009
* Key new features
* User benefits
* Product demonstration
* Question and answers session

This webinar will take place in English at 16:00 BST.

    14-16 September - 7th International Conference on Intercultural Communication Competence 
                                      habarovski Krai, Russia

Educators around the world share a concern that future graduates must be able to understand and appreciate cultures, world events and diversity. It is inevitable that they will need to collaborate effectively to promote international prosperity and peace.
ICCC7 is designed to bring together scholars from around the world to discuss how to prepare a Global Graduate for the 21st century.

   16 September - Kazuraki: Adobe Systems’ Groundbreaking New Japanese Typeface
                                Adobe HQ in San Jose

Adobe Systems released a groundbreaking new OpenType Japanese font called Kazuraki (????) in late 2009, whose design was inspired by the calligraphy of 12th century artist and writer Fujiwara-no-Teika (????), who is considered one of the greatest poets in Japan's history. This typeface design, created by Adobe Systems' Senior Type Designer Ryoko Nishizuka (????), is both innovative and visually rich, and is free of the design constraints that are typical of Japanese fonts. Kazuraki has become an inspiration and model for other type designers and foundries, particularly those in Japan and China. Join Ken Lunde, Senior Computer Scientist of Adobe Systems, as he outlines the process of creating this unique typeface, from its distinctive design aspects, to the nitty-gritty details about its OpenType implementation.

                                     Warsaw, Poland

The goal of the meeting is to identify both those kinds of social coordination that matter most to humans and the aspects of language needed for such coordination. Examples will include the role of prosodic structure in physical coordination of mother and infant, affective coordination in dyads that align values, and the coordination of concept systems in individuals, dyads, and social groups. Thus we aim to consider patterns of linguistic activity that range from physical ones right up the “symbolic” and “normative” aspects of speech.

   16-18 September - Language Teaching in Increasingly Multilingual Environments: From Research to Practice
                                     Warsaw, Poland

The aim of the conference is to provide a multilingual, international platform for exploration and exchange of research findings, perspectives, and experience in language teaching and language development in multilingual environments. The event will bring together academics, researchers, teacher trainers, materials writers, practitioners, and students concerned with foreign/second language acquisition and instruction. Special emphasis will be given to empirical research which can inform foreign language teaching practice. The event will combine plenary addresses, roundtable discussions, paper sessions in thematic strands, and a poster session.

   17 September - Stories with impact: a workshop for heads of department and subject leaders
                                Woburn House, 20 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9HQ

Last September we held a one-day workshop for Heads of Department and Deans on ‘Thriving in difficult times’. Since then, times have continued to get more difficult. This year our workshop will develop strategies for convincing senior managers, policy-makers and other stakeholders of the value of what we do. ‘Stories with impact’ aims to identify and present the positive impacts our activities more assertively.
Learning outcomes

* Demonstrate the impact of your teaching and research on the university, students and on the wider community
* Promote your subject and department across the university
* Present activities confidently and assertively to senior managers, policy makers, industry and other stakeholders
* Articulate the case for languages, linguistics and area studies in the university, the local community, nationally and internationally
* Respond appropriately to initiatives from policy makers in higher education

   19-21 September - Localization Project Managers Roundtable
                                     Reno, Nevada Area

Most Roundtable attendees have three or more years of experience in localization project management. As a result presentations and discussions deal with advanced topics. The format of the Localization Project Managers Roundtable relies on short presentations, some of them impromptu, followed by extensive discussions involving as many attendees as possible. For people looking for basic localization training and education, we recommend one of our Project Management seminars instead.
Typically, all presenters come from the group of attendees. Because of that, people signing up for the Roundtable should be willing to make a short presentation about one of their areas of expertise.
To ensure that topics are as relevant as possible to those participating, we are keeping open two periods. The topics for these two periods will be decided on the opening night of the Roundtable.
The Roundtable's success depends on people being willing to share information and experiences freely. To encourage that, no official minutes or records are kept or published. Attendees are free to keep their own notes.
Discussion of localization prices and details of vendor contracts is not permitted.
The conference is held at the scenic Granlibakken Conference Center at Lake Tahoe, California.

    20 September- Webinar - Best tips and tricks to get you more productive with SDL Trados Studio

Learn how to get the most from SDL Trados Studio by joining this 60 minute webinar!
In this session, Massimo Ghislandi, Field Marketing Director at SDL, will demonstrate some tips and tricks that you can use to help accelerate your translation speed when working in SDL Trados Studio.

This event will take place online in English at 15:00 UK time.

   20-21 September - Personalized & Translational Medicine
                                     Greater Boston Area

This meeting will not be a best practice conference with standard speaking slots and power point presentations. Yes, we have leading thinkers in this space on our speaker panel – but delegates in attendance will be as much a part of the meeting as these speakers.
Discussion, debate and scrutiny will be the order of the meeting. This is your chance to be part of an initiative to test theories, discuss successful models and forge new collaborations.
No-one can afford to ignore this trend ... it's the future of pharma.

   21 September - Webinar - An introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2009 for project managers

Join this free webinar to discover how SDL Trados Studio 2009 delivers users unprecedented levels of productivity and quality.
During this 60-minute webinar, Katherine Weller from SDL will introduce SDL Trados Studio 2009, particularly focusing on the key features and benefits for project managers.

This webinar will cover the following topics:
* Introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2009
* Upgrade existing translation assets
* Generate an AutoSuggest Dictionary
* Define global settings
* Create a new project and project package
* Finalize project

This session will be delivered in English at 16:00 BST.

   21 September - SDL Trados 2007 - Level 1 Getting Started
                                London, United Kingdom

Trados – Getting Started– This course will cover an introduction to CAT tools and a brief history of Trados software. We will then move on to how to translate using Trados 2007 in both Word and TagEditor so that you are able to deliver the files that your customers need. We will also look at importing, using and exporting translation memories. The course will also cover how to find help when using Trados so that you are not alone if problems should occur.

   21-23 September - Technical Communication UK 2010
                                     Nr Thame, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

This is the largest UK conference for technical communicators. Technical Communication UK is the annual conference that aims to meet the needs of technical communicators, their managers and clients, from every corner of the industry including localization, documentation, translation. The dates and venue are 21-23 September, at The Oxford Belfry, near Thame in Oxfordshire. Bookings for Exhibitors/Sponsor places are now being taken as well as registration for Delegates. TCUK 2010 will deliver more than 30 sessions over three days, with presentations, workshops, case studies, and hands-on product demonstrations from experts in their field. In addition this year we are presenting a dedicated stream on e-learning. For details of the speakers, topics and programme - plus how you can get involved, please go to the dedicated conference website.

   21-25 September - Found In Translation
                                     Prato, Italy

Found in Translation: Textual Explorations of Australia and the World is an international conference to be held at the Monash University Prato Centre (near Florence) in September 2010. It is presented by the National Centre for Australian Studies, in partnership with the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics at Monash University.

   22 September - 1st XLIFF International Symposium
                                Limerick, Ireland

The purpose of this symposium is to bring together specialists, tools providers, developers, TC members and researchers to discuss and share their experience with XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format). New trends will be presented, implementation cases will be demonstrated, and the future of XLIFF and its new version 2.0 will be discussed.

   22 September - Exclusive Online Event - SDL Software Localization Day (EMEA/APAC time)

We would like to invite you to join the SDL Software Localization Day!

Register for this exclusive event (by completing the form at the bottom of this page) to learn more about the benefits of software localization and SDL Passolo 2009. These sessions will begin at 14:00 Japan time / 07:00 Paris time / 06:00 UK time and will be delivered in English. Join us for one particular session, or for the entire event!

   22 September - A day in the life of a translator
                                London - United Kingdom

A taster course for anyone with knowledge of a foreign language who is interested in finding out more about today’s translation industry and the realities of being a translator. 

   22 September - SDL Trados Studio 2009 Training, London, Beginners
                                 London - United Kingdom

Roehampton University is now offering SDL-approved Trados training courses in London.
Places are still available for September on the following courses:
- Getting Started course, 22 September 2010 (for those with no previous experience of using Trados)
- Upgrade course, 23 September 2010 (for previous users of SDL Trados 2007) 

   23 September - SDL Trados Studio 2009 Training, London (Upgrade)
                                London - United Kingdom

Roehampton University is now offering SDL-approved Trados training courses in London.
Places are still available for September on the following courses:
- Getting Started course, 22 September 2010 (for those with no previous experience of using Trados)
- Upgrade course, 23 September 2010 (for previous users of SDL Trados 2007) 

    23 September - ATC Conference 2010
                                 London, United Kingdom

Early Bird Booking Form/Call for Papers Under the broad heading of 'Evolution of the Translation Industry - planning for success' the ATC is also inviting members of the industry to submit ideas for papers to be presented at the annual conference. Among the topics to be covering include: Implementing change in your translation business Marketing/ selling translations, Advance Power Management (APM), customer service Attracting investors Plugging into the localization market Technical advances and getting ahead of the curve Attracting the best people and working effectively with your freelance suppliers If you would like to submit an idea for a paper that you believe would fit into the overall theme or tackle any of the specific topics headings listed above, please submit the idea to: 

   23-25 September - Tracks and Treks in TS
                                      Leuven, Belgium

In the 1960s, it seemed plausible that academic research into translation would take a linguistic track. Close to half a century later, it is clear that the discipline of Translation Studies has followed a diversity of tracks, interacting with neighbouring disciplines and exploring a range of paradigms and methodologies. At the individual level, many scholars have been taking long treks from the practice and/or teaching of Translation towards the acquisition of theoretical and methodological tools with a view to gaining fresh insights into and widening their horizons on translation and interpreting. The 6th EST Congress will provide a good opportunity to reflect upon such tracks and treks in TS. What interesting evolutionary patterns can be identified in our young discipline, including TS ‘turns’, concepts, theories and research methods? Can these patterns be identified in the interests and work of Translation scholars? How has the TS community grown in terms of demographics, branches and sub-branches? How do they communicate and interact? What progress has been achieved in the investigation of various aspects of Translation, including Translation cognition, Translator training, Translation quality, Translation in its cultural environment and Translation in its social environment? And what new insights are being provided by historical, sociological and scientometric studies and overviews? Which are the new and emerging tracks that will lead to successful treks in TS? 

   24 September - SDL Trados 2007 Level 3 - Advanced
                                London,United Kingdom

Trados - Advanced Course – Crash course on all functions of the Trados Suite. One day course. Learning how to use the Workbench, Winalign, Tag Editor and Multiterm. Linking all applications. Useful tips. This format is best suited for translators who have Trados but have only used the Workbench and would like to use the other applications of the Trados Suite.

   24-26 September - 1st ITI German Network Work & Playshop
                                      Manchester, United Kingdom

This year's GerNet Work & Playshop will be held in Manchester. Our pleasant city centre venue is easily accessible by car (free parking), by rail, and by plane. Our guest speakers Angela Sigee, Doug Lawrence, Iwan Davies, Jackie Jones, and Nick Rosenthal will encourage us to seek new horizons. We will look at how to acquire a specialist subject focusing on legal translation and alternative medicine. We will also cover website localization, sales negotiation, useful software tools and internet sites before we finish with a panel discussion about how to keep your language skills current and how to bridge the culture gap. The social programme will include dinner on the Friday and Saturday evenings. For Sunday we are hoping to arrange a guided tour of the nearby Museum of Science and Industry or our splendid Bridgewater Hall. A fun way to spend a weekend! All welcome. 

   25 September - 2010 Annual Conference: Interpreting and Translation: Connecting People Around the Globe 
                                White Bear Lake, MN

   25 September - Chartered Institute Of Linguists Members’ Day 2010 
                                London, United Kingdom

Michael Benis FCIL “Translators or Consultant Linguists?”
Dr Anil Biltoo “Chewing on an Old Chestnut: Examining Differences Between ‘Language’ and ‘Dialect’”
Helen Campbell HonFCIL “Training Translators and Interpreters in the Next Ten Years”
Jane Martens MCIL CL “How to Become a Chartered Linguist”
Daniel Pageon FCIL “Translating the Spoken Word as Opposed to the Written One”
A GCHQ representative “GCHQ: Using Language to Make a Real Difference”
   25 September - Effective Proofreading for Translators
                                London,  United Kingdom

The aim of this course is to provide translators with an understanding of what skills are required for proofreading a document and ensuring optimum quality. The course covers all aspects of a typical ‘quality assurance’ workflow that should be followed before delivering any final document. It is suitable for translators who wish to offer an extra service to their clients or simply want to increase the quality of the work they deliver. 

   25 September - Translation and Editing for Polish Translators
                                London, United Kingdom

This course emphasises the importance of editing and self-revising in translation. It is aimed at translators and translation students with Polish as their mother tongue, both newcomers and established professionals who wish to develop an awareness of norms of clear, smooth and correct writing, improve their self-revision abilities and learn to revise and proofread the work of others. Based on the recognition of the importance of constant practice in the mother tongue (Polish in this case), especially when living in a foreign country, this course will focus on ways to avoid linguistic interference and produce naturally sounding translations tailored to the given readership

    25 September - CIoL Centenary Members' Day
                                 London, United Kingdom

Join us for our Centenary Members' Day and enjoy the Threlford Memorial Lecture by Professor David Crystal, and morning seminars given by Dr Anil Biltoo, Mr Michael Benis, Ms Jane Martens, Mr Daniel Pageon and Ms Helen Campbell. To find out more, visit the events section of our website. 

   25 September - Interpreters' General Meeting (PIA)
                                Manchester, United Kingdom

Interpreters’ General Meeting Saturday 25th September 2010 at 13.15 pm Manchester Conference Centre Open to: Members of PIA National Registered Interpreters Sign-language Interpreters Relevant Stakeholders Solicitors Part 1: North West outsourcing of interpreter services for the Police and Courts: Current situation and Review In view of the latest announcement by the Ministry of Justice and the serious impact it will have on the profession, representatives of other professional bodies have been invited to attend this meeting too. Part 2: PIA members’ general business Detailed agenda will be circulated to members. LOCATION OF MEETING Weston Theatre Manchester Conference Centre Sackville Street Manchester M1 3BB A 5-minute walk from Piccadilly Rail station inside Manchester University Campus 

    25 September -  Interpreting/Translation - Police Station Setting
                                  Dublin, Ireland

1) nterpreters and the police: Do interpreters need to know interview techniques? Commd. Dirk Rombouts, Belgian Police Force 2) Issues in the translation of the book of evidence. Karolina Jarmolowska, doctoral student at Dublin City University

   25-26 September - 
AAIT 4th Annual Conference Towards Excellence in Multilingual Communication
                                     Atlanta, GA

The AAIT is pleased to invite translators, interpreters and language services companies to this one-and-a-half day conference, where a select group of professionals will address such topics as specialized translation, interpretation standards, glossary-building, interpretation skills, translation standards and best practices, software for the translation industry, and more. 

   28 September - Best practice webinar: How the Audi Akademie uses SDL TM Server and Plunet BusinessManager to design their translation processes

Join this webinar to learn how the Audi Akademie design their translation processes using SDL TM Server and Plunet BusinessManager.

This session will begin at 09:00 UK time and will be delivered in English. 
   28 September - Webinar - How to take your freelance translator business to the next level

Join this 60 minute webinar with Marian S. Greenfield and learn how you can grow your freelance translator business.

This webinar will take place online in English at 14:30 UK time.

   28 September - Optimal Internet Search Techniques for Translators
                                on-line, Italy

The first part deals with basic search engine features and functions such as the default operator, phrase search, truncation, stop words, Boolean operators, fields, sorting, advanced search options and keywords. It is probably mainly revision for most attendees, but it is essential that everyone is familiar with the basic concepts before continuing. The second part explains what IntelliWebSearch does and how it can be used to speed up and simplify terminology searches in the Internet. The third part looks at the typical problems translators and interpreters have to face during their working day, such as searching for useful on-line dictionaries (mono/bilingual), multilingual sites (parallel texts), single terms, abbreviations/acronyms, quotations/titles and idioms/boilerplate, and explains how IntelliWebSearch can be used to save standard settings and perform appropriate searches literally at the press of a button (keyboard shortcut).

   28 September - IntelliWebSearch Tweaking - Customizing Searches
                                on-line, Italy

The first part explains what IntelliWebSearch does and how it can be used to speed up and simplify terminology searches in the Internet and in local dictionaries. The second part looks at how to add settings for on-line resources using the Wizard (both methods) and manually (GET method only), and how to add settings for simple local dictionaries. It also looks at how to add settings for some more difficult sites (Form Fill mode) and the options on the Search Settings and Edit windows. The third part gives a broad overview of the program settings and a few tweaking hints.

   29 September - Webinar - What is translation memory?

Mariana Obradovic, Marketing Events Manager for SDL Language Technologies, will give a general overview of features and benefits of using a translation memory, as well as demonstrate how a translation memory can be used. The webinar will cover the following:

* What is a translation memory?
* How does a translation memory work?
* How do you create a translation memory?
* What are the benefits of using a translation memory?

   29 September - Wordfast Classic Training - Ho Chi Minh City
                                Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Classic. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the alignment function of PlusTools. 

   29 September - Come Ottimizzare IntelliWebSearch
                                on-line, Italy

Nella prima parte, si spiegano il funzionamento di IntelliWebSearch e come sia possibile utilizzarlo per velocizzare e semplificare la ricerca terminologica in Internet e nei dizionari locali. Nella seconda parte, parleremo di come aggiungere risorse web utilizzando il Wizard e manualmente e di come aggiungere configurazioni per i dizionari locali semplici. Ci occuperemo anche delle opzioni disponibili nelle finestre Impostazioni Ricerche e Modifica. La terza parte ci permetterà di avere una panoramica sulle Impostazioni del Programma.

   29 September - Tecniche Ottimali di Ricerca in Internet
                                on-line, Italy

Nella prima parte parleremo delle caratteristiche e delle principali funzioni dei motori di ricerca. Nella seconda parte spiegheremo il funzionamento di IntelliWebSearch e vedremo come poterlo utilizzare per velocizzare e semplificare la ricerca terminologica in Internet. Nella terza parte, analizzeremo i problemi affrontati dai traduttori e gli interpreti durante una tipica giornata lavorativa.

   30 September - Freelance translators Virtual conference
                                Online virtual conferences offer attendees unparalleled access to educational content, networking opportunities and more, all within a rich and engaging online environment.

   30 September - AITI 1950-2010
                                Roma, Italy

AITI 1950-2010 Traduttori e Interpreti Professionisti al servizio dei cittadini, dell'economia e delle istituzioni. Il convegno verterà principalmente sulle figure del Traduttore/Interprete ISTITUZIONALE e GIUDIZIARIO e sul divario tra l'importanza di questo ruolo, le responsabilità che ne derivano e i problemi che i professionisti incontrano nell'esercizio della loro attività. Le istituzioni italiane da un lato si avvalgono ampiamente di tali professionisti e dall'altro continuano a escluderli da qualsiasi tutela e riconoscimento, e nel caso dei traduttori/interpreti giudiziari anche da un decoroso trattamento economico. Sono state contattate numerose personalità per interventi qualificati e sono confermati oratori del calibro di Angelo Deiana (presidente del comitato scientifico del CoLAP, esperto di economia della conoscenza e delle professioni), l’on. Pierluigi Mantini molto attivo nell'ambito del riconoscimento delle professioni, Davide Imola responsabile della Consulta CGIL per i professionisti, la prof.ssa Federica Scarpa, docente ordinario di Lingua e Traduzione dell'Università di Trieste, il Giudice Pres. Rosario Priore, il giornalista Giovanni Fasanella. Siamo in attesa inoltre della conferma di alti funzionari e di altri magistrati di prestigio. L’evento è aperto al pubblico oltre che ai soci.

   30 September - Wordfast Pro Training Level 1 - Ho Chi Minh City
                                Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This training will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Classic. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories, as well as handling references. Time permitting, we'll learn how to create a translation memory from past translations using the alignment function of PlusTools. 

   30 September - 1 October - TM-Europe 2010
                                                      Kraków, Poland
In 2010 the emphasis is on project management, technology and tools, business models and process optimisation.

The final "Warsaw Pact" debate of TM-Europe 2010, which is webcast, will feature a panel composed of technology providers and their customers discussing the pros and cons of their mutual relationship and the future of technology. The focus will be on innovations, benchmarks, value of the existing business propositions, how can tool providers deliver greater value to their customers, as well as functionalities wish lists, standards, and project management and quality assurance requirements, and all other aspects of the tool provider and customer relationship.

   30 September - 2 October - VI Jornadas Científicas y Profesionales de TREMÉDICA en Nueva York
                                                    Greater New York City Area

Esta intervención tendrá un carácter teórico-práctico: el ponente irá presentando las diferentes maneras en que a lo largo de la historia hasta el momento actual se han ido creando los términos biosanitarios –es decir, la tipología de los tecnicismos: neología de forma, neología de sentido, neología funcional-, así como los distintos elementos que se articulan (raíces, prefijos y sufijos greco-latinos) para la formación de tales términos. Esa exposición irá acompañada de numerosos ejemplos e interrumpida constantemente por ejercicios de tipo práctico que los asistentes tendrán que realizar y corregir con el ponente.

   30 September - International Translation Day

On September 30, translators around the world celebrate the day of their patron saint, Jerome, and with it translation itself—a profession as old as humanity.
FIT’s official celebration of International Translation Day began in 1991, when Professor Gonie Bang and the federation’s public relations committee called for member associations to use the day to raise their profile. Their aim was to remind users of translation and interpreting services of the important work performed by translators, often with exemplary dedication and, more often still, in the shadows.

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